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Ecommerce is in the Design

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When you are thinking about how to present or improve your businesses web presence, you might be thinking that design and Ecommerce are two separate things. The reality is that to get the best results, you want the design to flow integrally with your commerce. This process is best handled by a service that knows the intricacies of this process.

Communication is the Key

First of all you want a design team that will listen to you carefully. According to Web Design Bristol, even though sales are what matter most, you have to be able to promote your product effectively. This means having a vision and a spirit connected to your brand. You know intuitively what this is, and the web designer’s job is to listen carefully. They can then translate your vision into something concrete.

When you get the first screenshots back, you will know at once if the designer is capable of capturing what you want to communicate. It has to look good and feel right.

One Stop Shopping

In this case we are not talking about your business but rather your designer. The basic web front page is only the beginning of the level of service that top designers offer now. The process goes up from design to building. Then the ongoing processes of management and promoting kick in. The importance of getting this all from the same source cannot be overstated. When the designer handles all the aspects, they have a complete understanding of the entire mechanism because they built it. This type of expertise only comes from years of hands-on experience in the field.

Commerce Nuts and Bolts

Of course you want the sales end to work smoothly. This is perhaps where the design and sales end must merge perfectly. You want those that visit your site to have a pleasant experience. And you want them to make a purchase. Also, the transaction mechanism must be reliable. All of these results depend on solid promotion, good presentation, excellent software and excellent hosting services. All of this allows you to execute your sales mission and move freely within your chosen market.

Security Counts

The last thing you want is a virus or cyber-attack hurting your business. Again, all of this, starting with the hosting is built and managed by the design team. They install and monitor your anti-virus and firewalls. This makes sure you are available to potential clients at all times. Any down time means lost sales so your site must be secure.


Today’s web designer does more than just graphic design. The best ones sit down with you and listen to your vision. Then they put together a complete package that will transform your vision into a visible web presence with strong and secure technical support. Your job is to come up with your products and develop your brand. The design team takes care of the rest, and you can even bolt on products as you go along.

Mike is a freelance writer with experience in web design and SEO writing. He knows that Web Design Bristol provides top notch web design service.

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