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How to choose your background for Windows Phone

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Missed calls, upcoming appointments, new messages, unread email—there’s a lot you can check on your phone when you’ve got a spare minute. But sometimes you’ve only got a few seconds. That’s where your lock screen comes in. It makes a single glance go a long way, and you can personalize it with the notifications you care about most, as well as an image to match your mood.

You can change the background on your lock screen at any time. Liven things up with a favorite photo, get regularly updated lock screen images from Bing, or let a third-party app make changes to your background for you.

background for Windows Phone 1Step 1:
In the App list, tap Settings > Lock screen.

Step 2: Under Background, if you’re choosing a background for the first time, tap Choose background. If not, tap the name of the app or service currently providing your background.

Step 3: Do one of the following:

– To choose a photo for your background from those stored on your phone, tap Photo, tap Change photo, flick to the album containing the photo you want to use, and then tap the photo. Pinch your fingers together on the screen or stretch them apart to zoom out or in, and then tap Cropwhen the image is framed the way you want it.

– To get periodically updated images from Bing, tap Bing.

– To let an app change your background for you, tap name of app, and then tap Open app.

mobile tips, tech tips, tips, windows phone, windows phone 8, windows phone 8 tips, windows phone tips, change backgroundNotes:

You can open a lock screen app from the App list too, and then set it as your background through the app.

Some lock screen apps may perform background tasks, which means they can do things behind the scenes, even when they’re not open. This can take a toll on your phone’s battery life, so you might want to block certain apps from running background tasks. To see and block apps that do this, in the App list, tap Settings, flick to Applications, and then tap Background tasks.

Some lock screen apps update the background image periodically. This feature may require a data connection.


When you’re listening to music while your phone’s locked, your phone can show you the artist who’s currently playing instead of your regular background image. To turn this feature on, in the App list, tap Settings > Lock screen, and then turn on Show artist when playing music. Stopping the music from the lock screen will fade the artist or album art back to the lock screen image.

To see your new lock screen image right away after choosing a background, press the Power button to turn your phone off, and then press it again to turn it back on.

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