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How to choose your notifications in Windows Phone

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There are two kinds of app notifications you’ll see on your lock screen: detailed status and quick status. You have a limited number of notifications that can fit on the screen, so think carefully about which apps you want to use to fill them. But don’t worry—you can change these at any time in your lock screen settings.

Detailed status

When you choose to show a detailed status notification for an app, you’ll get a lot of info in just a little space. View upcoming calendar appointments, including their subject, location, and time. See the sender and first line of that text or email you just got. Or check the name or phone number of the person who just tried to call you. You can have one detailed status notification showing on your lock screen at a time.

– In the App list, tap Settings > Lock screen.

– Under Notifications, tap Choose an app to show detailed status, and then choose an app from the list.

Quick status

When all you want is an update, a quick status notification is just what you need. Set up a row of these little guys to see how many missed calls, new voice mail messages, new text messages, unread emails, social network updates, and game notifications you have waiting for you the next time you unlock your phone. You can fill up to five of these slots.

– In the App list, tap Settings > Lock screen.

– Under Notifications, tap one of the Choose an app to show quick status slots, and then choose an app from the list.


The order of the quick status slots in the settings menu corresponds to their order on your lock screen, so mix and match apps in whatever order you please.

Not all the apps on your phone have lock screen notifications that you can set. You’ll see a list of available apps in the lock screen settings when you choose which notifications you want to see.

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