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How to recover a PowerPoint Presentation file from the temp folder

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Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to protect their work by using the AutoRecover feature to periodically save a temporary copy of the presentation that he/she is working on. If the power goes out or computer stops responding unexpectedly, the AutoRecover feature may be able to recover user work automatically the next time user start PowerPoint. If user mistakenly quit PowerPoint without saving his presentation, it still may be possible to recover his work, even though the temporary copy has been deleted.  Because PowerPoint uses temporary files to keep track of unsaved content, user may be able to recover his presentation if he accidentally close the program without saving his work. If the temporary copy of his work is still available, the Windows search tool can help find it.

recover a PowerPoint Presentation

It may be possible to recover the PPTnnnn.tmp file if no other data has been made to the hard drive. You may be able to Undelete the PPTnnnn.tmp file. However, if the PPTnnnn.tmp file is recovered, there is no assurance that it is a good copy of the presentation file. To recover the temp file in powerpoint, simple steps are listed below:

Click within the ‘Search’ box at the top right corner of the window, type ppt*.tmp and press the Enter key. If search results appear, continue on to the next step.

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If they do not, click the ‘Advanced Search’ button, check the box labeled ‘Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow),’ message and click ‘Search.’ Right click the icon of the .tmp file that has a name starting with ‘ppt’ and select ‘Rename’. Assign the file a new name, change the extension to .ppt, and press Enter key to confirm the change. Double click the icon of the file you just renamed to open it in PowerPoint. Click the ‘File’ button or the ‘Office’ button in the top menu bar and select ‘Save As’. Assign file a name, select a save location outside of the temporary files folder and click ‘Save’ to complete the recovery process.

There is another alternative to recover powerpoint file from temp folder .Open PowerPoint and then go to ‘File’ then ‘Information’ then click ‘Manage versions’ then ‘ Recover Unsaved Documents’ and there should appear the powerpoint missed file.

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