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Increase the Virtual Memory and Boost Your PC Performance

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Computers are for running multiple programs at the same time. But each time you make an attempt to do this desired task on your PC, you find your system hanging. When such an issue occurs time and again, you should be certain that it’s your time to learn the way of increasing the virtual memory. Running numerous programs on the same operating system makes your computer slow and this is the reason it hangs. However, enhancing the virtual memory automatically improves your PC speed, whether it is a laptop or a desktop.

Computer support services plans from the reputed firms are designed to increase the virtual memory of your PC system. Now, you may have heard the term ‘virtual memory’ but how many

do actually know

what this memory is. Before you start with, let’s gather some idea as what this virtual memory is.

A Brief Notion of Virtual Memory   

You must have heard about the processor. It requires properly functional memory fro storing the data of the programs currently running on your PC system. This functioning memory is none other than the RAM. Depending on the size of RAM installed in your PC, you can decide upon the amount of workload your PC system can handle.

It is the presence of the virtual memory that assists the RAM to calculate empty space in the hard drive. To prevent slowing down of your PC system, you should install sufficient RAM. If your multitasking exceeds the RAM capacity then virtual memory is your resort. Hence, you can very well understand why it is necessary to increase virtual memory.

Increasing Virtual Memory in Windows XP

Windows XP still continues to be the popular choice of the users despite of the latest Windows OS versions. Therefore, if you are also a Windows XP user and desire to enhance the virtual memory, take a look at the following steps.

Right click on My Computer > select Properties > click Advanced > go to Performance section > click Settings > several settings options will be displayed on your screen > click Change button present beside Virtual Memory. Now, you have to enter memory range which you like to allocate to your PC’s virtual memory. You can enlarge default value by around 100 MB in the beginning. Check out what impact it has on your PC performance.

Isn’t it adequate? Well, then go for further increment. When you have made your desired setup, don’t forget to restart the PC because without rebooting your computer system, the settings cannot come into effect.

Not only in Windows XP, similar increasing of virtual memory also takes place in Windows Vista. Once you have made the increment, you very well monitor the difference in PC performance. Do you desire to know how to increase virtual memory in Vista? Give the online tech support team a call right away! Apart from increasing the memory, you can also free up RAM by deleting all unwanted programs from your PC system. Optimize your PC performance now!

Author’s Bio: Increase virtual memory with proper remote data backup. The best online PC tech support is the right choice for you.

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