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Let’s see what users think about new Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

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There is no doubt that we have checked for the various features this gadget is coming (in fact not once but many times) but this time we have planned for a twist, in short today we’ll list all those facts which are well experienced by various users of the handset, as this would help us get to know about all those various points which are rarely mentioned in a gadget profile by a company.

Starting with the first, most touch screen handset are generally suffering one common problem which is clarity in vision but this gadget has surely overcome this scenario in its situation, as when you’ll check on clarity only words you can come up with to explain the experience is ‘rocking’. In fact you don’t even need to set brightness on complete hundred as you can easily enjoy your viewing experiences by keeping it on fifty (and sixty percent in sunlight). And another advantage which comes attached is this would help you save your battery as well.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Next point which has always stopped me from using a touch screen handset is its response to our touch, in fact even if the company has mentioned that gadget they have manufactured has been provided with a highly responsive touch screen when we personally use the same what we experience is completely different from what was promised to us. But Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray is a gadget which has followed its words, and even though there is a time (rarely) when you might have to double tap a touch responsive button but that is completely understandable.

Normally when we check for Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray reviews or any other handset reviews the very first point we check for is well related to its battery backup support, as we people are not interested in carrying a charger with us where ever we go. But this gadget has assured us that what we are promised with has been well delivered to as well. As even if you are playing or surfing web what you can consume is its sixty percent battery after twelve to fourteen hours.

Camera is another feature we people worry about and thought I have not experienced much of same but according to snap shots I have seen taken by this gadget this mobile phone works wonders when it comes to camera. Thence once you’ll be having this gadget with you, you’ll hardly need any other professional camera to accompany you.

Sony Ericsson mobile price is the last point which is left for us and looking at the various features it is coming with paying any amount for same is not much. But still checking facts this gadget has been provided by company in a price range of fifteen to sixteen thousand only.


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