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Seven Tips for Preparing Your Son for A Study Abroad Program in UK

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GCSE and A Level exams will determine what path a young person will take into adulthood. Here are some important tips to ensure your son benefits as much as possible from his period of study in the UK.

Study Abroad Program

1. Manage His Resources

Before he leaves make sure that all notes and resources are sorted and in workable order. Revise any previous study of the subjects and make a list of any confusing points.

2. Become Familiar With The English Exam Calendar

Easter revision at Lansdowne College London takes place during the traditional Easter holiday period in the UK. It is a good idea to become familiar with the background to the holiday and, of course, the dates when it takes place. You can then work out how much time you will have left for revision after the end of the course.

3. Read Up On UK Culture And Traditions

Working on Easter revision at Lansdowne College London provides an engaging backdrop to any studies. Although most of the time will be devoted to study and revision, it is useful to have some fore knowledge of London and a check list of some of the key sites and attractions that he would like to see during his stay. It is also important to appreciate that London is an expensive city and be aware of the potential risks and dangers that exist in any comparable large centre of population. Some background knowledge of the city’s transport system, particularly in relation to where he will be staying is also vital.

4. Sort Out Accommodation Well In Advance

You will need to have suitable accommodation organised before leaving to attend the course. It is vital to look at the choices suggested by the college unless you have a definite option in place. If your son has not been away from home before, it is also clearly important to prepare him for this first taste of independence and be aware of the house rules of the accommodation you choose. If he is to stay in a private home, it is crucial to contact and speak to the provider in advance to be clear about house rules and to explain any requirements your son may need, such as any special diets.

5. Be Adequately Equipped

Ensure he knows what he will need and make sure he has everything before he leaves. Drawing up a list and ticking off each item is a good way to organize this. Computer and IT equipment is de rigueur for most courses these days. Check over these items and ensure they will work in tandem with networks at the college. Purchasing contracts for 3G carriers and making sure computers, phones and tablets are WiFi enabled should also be carried out to avoid problems on arrival.

6. Be Honest About Strengths And Weaknesses

Be honest about what he is good at and also what he experiences difficulties with. This is not about being arrogant or unnecessarily negative, but rather, about being realistic about his abilities. Being aware of this and being prepared to discuss this with his tutors will help them tailor their teaching and their resources to his specific requirements.

7. Work On Improving Time Management

The revision course will be intensive and it will be vital for him to organise himself effectively so he can complete the work and attend all relevant classes. This may be new to him if he has been in a very structured school environment. Practising time-management strategies in advance can be really helpful in this case.

So, make sure he is well prepared, but, equally importantly, able to enjoy himself and make the most of his time in London.

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