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Simple Beads Teach Complex Calculations

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Young minds need direction and guidance to reach their full potential. Training the children at tender age with the help of proven methods including devices such as Abacus sharpens their memory and strengthens their ability to do mental calculations. The design of the device is such that one has to move fingers on the beads and talk aloud simultaneously. Late into the training process when the device is absent even then, the trained person visualizes the abacus and is able to calculate effortlessly. The process of abacus education has proven to be very beneficial especially for those who enjoy the whole activity.

The left-brain or the digital brain helps us reach logical conclusions whereas the right brain is activated while the person is engaged in creative pursuits. Ideally, both parts of the brain should work in synchronization only then the full potential of our brains is reached. This is where abacus training comes in for help. This process of training is seeing fast growing acceptance and popularity across the world. The training helps young mind to develop better understanding of simple as well as complex mathematical concepts including grasp over decimal system, manipulation of numerals to reach at the solution easily as well as the digit correlation.

Electronic calculators require input of numbers but abacus-trained children are conditioned to use their fingers for moving over beads and arrive at the solution. Once the process starts and progresses, the training sharpens the mind and children acquire better expertise for solving the mathematics problems with or without touching the actual device. The system is equally beneficial for those who are already at ease with numbers, alleviating their efforts and time put in for calculations. The education process with the help of abacus device guides the children to discover a new and innovative method of learning arithmetic apart from being dependent on conventional methods of learning calculations, which they are taught in the school. Fast and accurate solutions are what the children achieve with abacus training.

The abacus device has evolved over the years beginning from the earliest reported tool that was more similar to the counting board and had evenly spread sand over it to draw symbols. Later on pebbles were used instead of drawing patterns in the sand and ultimately a device similar to our present day abacus came into being which had beads representing digits or numerals. The Chinese called their abacus “suan pan” and the Japanese “soroban”.

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