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Successful Businesses Need a Proper Telephone System

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One of the most important aspects of the IT structure of a business is how well the telephone system works. However, this crucial element is given little or no consideration when it comes to discussing the reliability and availability issues of the business in many cases. The data networks however are given lots of attention. This happens because whenever the employees pick up the phone, they get a dial tone. The phone system seldom fails or causes any inconvenience. Communication is the key for any business and productivity will surely suffer if any communication channel fails.

Importance of a telephone system for your business

Emails are frantically used in communicating with personnel in the business world, but the words on the screen do not have the same impact as the words coming out of someone’s mouth. The emotion, intent and mood are completely lost in an email. When you have to clarify misinterpreted words in an email, you normally end up grabbing the phone and dialing the other person. It’s not only for employees, but also for clients, that phone lines play a crucial role in connecting with customers.

Flexibility to install only what you require

Different businesses have different communication requirements. Business telephone systems offer various system capacities and a plethora of features available that can be utilized depending upon the size of your business and the requirements it has. Technology has enabled the use of digital devices that are connected to the system using Cat 5 wiring. The benefit of going digital is that it enables having multiple callers simultaneously, the programming of buttons, the transferring of calls and other services thus considerably increasing user efficiency.

Business phone systems today

The present business telecom scenario is far more complex than just transferring or programming calls. One of the most important things that the business telephone systems do for companies is that they enable them to expand beyond the boundaries of their present location. This was not at all feasible in the past owing to the logistical and financial implications. With the use of VoIP, the startup costs have shrunk, even in remote areas. Moreover, a wider net can now be cast using this technology to hire employees and communicate with clients. VoIP calls are similar to a computer transmitting data. This property means that now, the employees can use an extension of the phone system in the office building from their home. A fitting example of this would be teleworkers working from their homes, with no need to be in the office.

Something for everyone

Small businesses can also reap the benefits of a business phone system. One big selling point of your business to your clients is how professional you appear to be. If you have a phone system that helps your clients reach the intended department with ease, it makes them more comfortable in doing business with you in the future. There is no doubt that face to face interaction is essential, however, an efficiently routed phone system will take your business to new heights in the eyes of your clients.

Ali Asjad is a communications consultant based in Stockholm. He writes about fast growing technologies like VoIP and helps people choose the best business phone systems for their company.

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