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What Is The Need Of Digital Asset Management In Your Organisation?

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Almost every company stores digital assets to use them during campaigning, advertising, marketing, creating brochures and projects. There are multiple uses of digital assets in any organisation, but digital assets are useless if they cannot be searched and retrieved quickly. Are you able to manage your digital assets?

If your answer is ‘no’ to any of the following queries, then your company undoubtedly requires online DAMor a similar provider.

  • Can you search digital assets effortlessly and quickly?
  • Are you able to view your digital assets quickly?
  • Is it easy for your organisation to distribute and secure digital assets appropriately?
  • Are the brand images and logos of your company effectively used when required?

Why Digital Asset Management Systems are essential

Many businesses produce digital assets to be used in procedures including sales, demonstrations, presentations, marketing, and advertising. Digital assets can be anything from images, audio, video, CAD files, HTML pages, PDF files, graphics, and flash files. The large volume of these digital assets needs to be located securely and properly.

Before the development of digital asset management software, it was not easy to manage digital contents because of the incapability of the prevailing software and hardware systems available. Besides, because of the challenges faced by organisations to store the digital assets, it was not easy for stakeholder access. Online DAM helps alleviate problems encountered in the management of digital assets by providing digital assets that can be easily accessed, changed and utilised by the users quickly and easily from anywhere.

What are the advantages of Digital Asset Management Software?

  • Digital asset management systems automatically create thumbnails to locate and retrieve digital assets. It also helps save time and storage space by compacting large files and using bandwidth more efficiently.
  • Digital asset management systems convert legacy images to formats that are web-friendly. This makes the viewing of legacy files easy without the use of former or obsolete applications.
  • With the use of digital asset management systems in your company you can greatly minimise the manual steps that are needed for making multiple versions. It automatically and quickly makes multiple versions if any image.
  • Digital asset management software easily manages and controls protection rights and permissions for access to brand assets.
  • Digital asset management software ensures quick and effortless web-based access to MS documents, e-learning files and recording presentations.
  • With digital asset management, it becomes quite easy to locate and reuse digital assets. You can quickly view specific video clips when needed. It also creates unlimited versions of the files for its usage in various applications.

Without the proper system, searching a standard image file, audio file, or a video clip can be a complicated issue. Online DAMsaves time searching digital assets, reduces storage space required and usage of bandwidth. It also enhances speed in file viewing.

Abbie is a freelance writer, researcher and blogger. She has researched online DAM as part of her current research projects. She has specialized knowledge in the niche and can serve as a perfect guide.

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