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Apps for Your Printer

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First we had apps for computers. Then we had apps for smart phones. Now we have apps for printers. Printers apps have been very useful, especially with the prevalence of smart phones, wireless printing enabled printers, and the rising need of convenience. In an age when programmers and developers are abundant, apps have been created for just about everything. In the same strain, many apps have been created for printers that are user-friendly, easy-to-use, and fulfilling most any need.

Here is a short list of handy apps that can make it easier to print wireless, find printers, and keep up-to-date with what you have:

Ink Level

You can check the ink levels and status of connected printers with this app. It doesn’t matter what brand – Canon, Epson, HP – your printers are, but as long as they are connected through the USB port or AirPort. This can prove to be very useful when you have multiple printers, as it allows you to check the status of all of them at once, at a very low price.

Create Booklet

If you print a lot of textbook excerpts, reports, or otherwise multiple page documents, Create Booklet could help you save money, paper, and toner/ink easily. Create Booklet takes your print job and automatically resorts the pages and shrinks two pages down to fit onto one by just clicking the print button. This free-to-download software is intuitive, quick, and an easy choice of printing software.


Share the printers connected to your computer or network easily through Printopia. Made exclusively for Mac products, this low-cost printing software allows you to not only share and print, but also save print-outs to the original computer or dropbox account. You can also add other virtual printers, and connect to as many other iOS devices as you want. Printopia operates independently of printer sharing, so it won’t modify any settings of your operating systems.


Not only will you be able to print SMS, contact information, and other documents to your own printer, you’ll be able to utilized other shared printers. With software for both your mobile device and computer, you can share your printer in less than a minute and allow others connected to the Internet print to yours. Printershare automatically finds and connects to available printers, so printing out last minute items or necessary things.

Cloud Print

This app allows you to easily print from your handheld device to your local printer. It uses Google Cloud Print, so you can sync your mobile to your computer and others who are shared on the same service. Print any type of document – JPG, TIF, GIF, DOC, XPS, ODP, TXT, DOCX, and more – conveniently. Cloud Print also requires contact and SMS reading permissions as you can print those directly to paper.

There are still many, many other apps for your printer available either free-to-download or for a small fee. Find the one that will work best for you! The rising number of apps usually center on connecting to printers and printing from your mobile, but as that market is saturated, more creative apps such as Ink Level will be designed to fit the niche.

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