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Be a Responsible Steward of Sensitive Information

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Collection of data and maintaining its integrity is paramount to the success that your company will have as you do business in today’s world.  With the advancement of technology, it is imperative that if you are upgrading your equipment you take great care in recycling your magnetic media so that it cannot be used or recovered by individuals with ulterior motives in mind.  You should look for a quality company with which you can partner for the professional destruction of your electronic equipment.  This will adequately protect your employee, customer, and product information that you gathered as you performed your business operations.

How You Should Proceed

As a responsible business owner, you must have a method of handling the security of your data.  You’ll want to be a good steward of the environment and not dispose of anything improperly that can harm the world around you. A reputable company will furnish you with a Certificate of Destruction that is issued for all IT equipment which is collected and destroyed in an acceptable manner. Be sure to include all of your hard drives, memory devices, monitors, towers, printers, and laptops in the program that you and the company plan to implement.  Also suggest that recycling of parts be employed when possible.

Cleansing Your Computer Effectively

Your computer recycling company will know that degaussing is the only guaranteed method of completely destroying information that is left on your hard drive or magnetic media.  The equipment is sent through a powerful magnetic field that makes any data unusable and unrecoverable.  Even if a hard drive hasn’t been working a professional can recover stored data so include inoperable equipment in your plan as well.  Make sure that the company with which you partner works within industry rules and regulations and adheres strictly to policies that your local governing agency has in place.

Avoiding Problems of Resales

When you decide to upgrade or replace your existing computers, you must consider recycling instead of selling your machines to third parties.  Unless you have had degaussing procedures applied to the equipment, the new owner can still access the sensitive data that you had in place.  You’ll be assured of peace of mind if you hire a reputable company to completely destroy your computers.  No matter what the size of your company, you must strive to protect the sensitive information that you have collected from your business affiliations throughout the years.

Protecting the very backbone of your business means taking care of the data on which your company was built.  You should seek assistance from a true professional that has the experience and know-how to successfully render your data unrecoverable and unusable.  You can’t allow this data to fall into the wrong hands; that can directly impact your client base, your employees, and the strength of your internet identity.  Partner with a team of experts that can help you to recycle your equipment with confidence, protect your data, and be a responsible steward of the environment.

Suzi McKee is a US-based writer covering computer recycling and other quality information management services.  She writes on a freelance basis for several large blogs.

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