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There used to be elements of modern technology that were beyond the reach of small business. The resources that were needed to take advantage of the latest technology were simply not there. It meant that often those businesses were at a disadvantage to others in their business sector and often that disadvantage was one of scale.

There is no question that a forward thinking company can steal a march on its competition if it embraces the constant change that is occurring; it used to be a matter of not just perception but also resources.

A chance for small business

However as in many fields, there is the chance to climb on board if a business has the sense to do some research on a regular basis to see what opportunities exist; expert companies are happy to provide information. It may lead to extra business.

Small can be beautiful

What is available?

Small business is now able to buy into modern technology without having to invest directly in software; there is access to existing software with all the advantages it provides but none of the installation and server costs. The whole thing can be left as the responsibility of the contractor.

It is fairly technical stuff but the important thing for someone without much technical knowledge is to discuss the subject with an expert and find out what can be provided without the need for huge investment. Some may also be worried about getting involved with something that is difficult to grasp.

That may need a non technical presentation and illustrations on how cloud has helped similar businesses in the past. There will be no problem in a new client talking to someone who has gone through the process they are considering.

One of the obvious advantages is that there may be a saving on system hardware. Things that were previously taking up space on the business server/computers can be stored elsewhere. Few people other than real experts know about technological advances and hence are inevitably behind the times on a regular basis. Cloud helps them to stay right up to date by the very decision to hand responsibility to an external expert. There is no need for a server; the whole activity can be handled externally.

A little faith

Everyone has their own areas of expertise. Some people may always find it difficult to grasp modern technology and it is not just a generational thing. Something that is obvious to a technical mind is sometimes completely above the head of someone of a similar intellect but specialising in a completely different field.

That in itself is not a problem as long as there is agreement that the support that technology can provide small business is worth utilising. There is an element of faith in taking the step to use new concepts, but someone who understands their own personal limitations but still recognises the advantages that are available will find their decisions will bear fruit, even if they don’t really understand the detail behind the technology.

Steve Smith is a freelance writer who lives on the South West coast of Turkey in the small town of Dalyan, famous as a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle. He writes on a range of topics from current affairs and economics to consumer affairs and cloud computing.

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