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Dish Vs. Direct TV: How to Know Which is Best For Your Home

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Deciding which satellite company offers the best deals, features and service for a particular situation can be confusing. Dish and DirecTV are two of the biggest and most well known satellite companies serving the United States. By taking a look at the features and services they each offer, making the choice between them can become a little easier.

High Definition (HD)

High definition television is definitely the trend in TV viewing. More and more consumers are demanding that their favorite TV shows be broadcast in HD. Fortunately, both Dish and DirecTV offer this feature on many of their channels. With DirecTV, HD programming can be added to any package for $10 a month. Dish also offers HD programming for an additional $10 per month, though it is not an option for their smallest package. At times, the providers run specials which offer deals, such as free HD for life. Dish has 68 premium channels with HD and offers local programming in HD for an additional $5 per month. DirecTV offers 78 premium channels with HD and also has local channels in HD already included in the cost of the package.

Digital Video Recording (DVR) Options

DVRs continue to gain in popularity as well. Many people are not able to be at home when their favorite shows are airing. A DVR allows them to preset the shows they want to record to view them later at their convenience. Both satellite providers offer DVR packages that are able to record SD and HD programming. In addition, both DVRs allow users to easily perform tasks such as rewind, fast forward and pause. With Dish, viewers can record 100 hours of HD shows and 400 hours of SD shows. DirecTV allows viewers to record 200 hours of SD programming while HD programming can be recorded for 50 hours. In addition, users of DirecTV can set the recording for 14 days in advance.

Local, Premium and Sports Channels Offered

With both satellite companies, local channels are included when any of their packages are purchased. Most movie channels, as well as basic premium channels, are included in packages offered by both companies. Dish, however, offers several premium channels that are not available on DirecTV. These include Veria, EPIX3 and a number of adult channels. DirecTV offers sports packages and channels that are not available with Dish, such as NFL Sunday Ticket, including NFL Red Zone, as well as UFC.

Monthly Cost Comparison

For the convenience of their customers, both DirecTV and Dish offer a range of different packages. With DirecTV, a viewer can expect to pay about $115 each month for their most expensive package and around $30 per month for their least expensive package. The most expensive package available from Dish is about $100 each month. Their least expensive package is about $25 monthly.

This is simply a very brief article that serves to highlight of some of the different options offered by two well known satellite companies. For a more in depth comparison that is interactive and highlights all the available deals in a particular region, visit

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