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Become a mega star in Pop Rocks World and make fans scream out for your name from every corner of the world! Spot your favourite celebs, meet other players and challenge them to a music showdown!

Pop Rocks World is a unique and addictive music RPG game that simulates a musician’s arduous road to stardom. You will start off virtually unknown as a singer but with talent, luck and a lot of hard work, you can climb up the fame ladder. But once you become famous – if ever you do – will you continue to bask in your glory with millions of wild, screaming fans or will you sink back down to oblivion as other players strive to become more famous than you?

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– The first ever Music RPG game to accurately simulate the career path of a singer
– Become a Mega Star
– Perform in Parks, Pubs, TV stations and Stadiums to scores of screaming Fans
– Battle with players worldwide and snatch their Moolah and Fans
– Spot your favourite Celebs and challenge them to Music Showdowns
– Release Albums for all kinds of music genre
– Hire music producers, sound engineers and song writers to produce your Albums
– Dress up in snazzy clothes and give yourself killer instruments and fancy cars
– Make global announcements on Pop Rocks World
– Win Music Awards as proof of your achievements

Download FREE POP ROCKS WORLD HD – MUSIC RPG GAME for your iPad here

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