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How To Ship Computer Parts Safely

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When it comes to shipping computer parts, you have to take extra care, more so than you would when shipping most other items. Computer parts are delicate and can easily break, not to mention other factors, such as static can wreak havoc on the parts you are sending out.

Most likely if you’re reading this article you want to know what steps you should take in order to make sure that everything you send gets there how it left your hands. Ensuring this is consistently done properly will make sure that any problems that occur with parts can be resolved correctly. If there are manufacturing problems, for example, you will know that the issue didn’t incur from improper postage.

By following the correct procedures, you can be confident in the knowledge that you can run a smooth operation, especially if sending out computer parts is a key part of your business.

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Possibly the most obvious point you need to note, and make sure you choose the right sort. Computer parts are fragile, and should be packaged with extra care. Clumsy packing can create an internal problem not seen externally, this can lead to problems for both yourself and your customers.  Static is a big problem when it comes to parts that can be sensitive to this. You don’t want to send out scrambled parts to people who already have a broken one. By choosing special ‘anti-static’ transit boxes and wrapping, this won’t be a problem. Anti static provides a ‘Faraday Cage’ system of protection, and the foam included in transit boxes ensures the right support and cushioning.

It is a wise idea to double wrap whatever it is you’re sending, in a bubble wrap lines padded envelope for example. There will be no risk of static damage, as you’ll already have this covered. You don’t want to rely on a postman to take care with something, make sure it’s as protected as possible.

Although it may cost you more,  invest a little extra in your actual sending costs, not just the packing. Sending a well packaged item may add a sense of security, you need a form of insurance that a) your item arrives safely b) if any damage occurs in the hands of the postal service you can be notified and c) gives you piece of mind if anything goes wrong.  Using a courier is a wise idea for high price items, and a signed-for service for lesser priced items is still an idea you should keep in mind.

Not only will this benefit you in the long run, as you can keep a consistent Order/Send/Recieve system going, you won’t have to take time out to deal with unhappy customers. Using a good postal service as standard will make your company seem more reputable and trustworthy. Imagine receiving a part from China in bubble wrap, 4 weeks to deliver and only in an envelope through Economy mail. Then imagine a swift 5 day service, protective packaging on your item, and the right envelopes or boxes included. Even if both arrived in working order, as a customer, it’s clear who you would use again.

Stand out, provide excellent service all the way through to your products arriving with your customer and your business is sure to fly and keep customers happy and coming back for more (but hopefully not too often!)

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