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Is It Time To Invest In A Rack Mount Server?

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When you first started your fledgling business, it may have been sufficient for you to subscribe to a shared hosting account. After all, your needs were not that many, your demand for heavy duty computing resources may have been meager, and the amount of traffic you were receiving to your website was perhaps modest, coming forth in mere trickles, to say the least.

But then as your business grew, and you realized that you were outgrowing the capacity of the shared hosting services you were on, you probably upgraded to a virtualized dedicated server… only to realize that that was not enough either.

And now here you are, on the cusp of maxing out the server’s available pool of resources. You need as much dedicated processing power and throughput as you can get. Plus your web application’s needs may require you to exercise greater control over your server than a mere web-based control panel. You may even need to log onto your server directly in order to control, configure, and customize it.

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And that is exactly where rack mount servers come into the picture. While rack mount servers may be a little pricey upfront, relative to dedicated or virtualized servers in a shared hosting environment, the investment in these devices can quickly pay for themselves in terms of performance, stability, reliability, speed, processing power, and bandwidth throughput.

Thanks to the industrial systems that power today’s modern data centers, you can be assured that your machine will be kept safe, secure, and running smoothly without failure for greater than 99.9% of the time.

Furthermore, a rack mount server can afford you numerous benefits: It will be housed in a compact space, taking up a minimal footprint of space within the data center rack space. It will therefore be in a well-ventilated area engulfed in a fully air conditioned environment. Plus, by being kept within a rack mount, your server will be kept safe from dust, dirt, exposure to the elements, exposure to accidental spills and other particulate matter that can contaminate your server and result in long term degradation of the server’s performance due to wear and tear.

And then there’s the issue of security. Only authorized personnel will have physical access to your server at any given moment. You need not worry about any unauthorized user physically accessing your system.

Plus, a rack mounted server can be managed and monitored 24x7x365 by data center personnel to ensure continuous error-free operation, to ensure that the server is being backed up nightly, and to resolve any hardware issues that may arise, on the fly.

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