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Laptop or Tablet: Which Gadget is Right for Me?

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Without a doubt one of the most important traits in today’s technological world is portability. From Smartphones to laptops, tablets to e- readers, the best gadgets and devices are the ones that allow us to stay connected any time and any place.

Two of the devices that are starting to compete for customers are laptops and tablets. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each – and which one comes out on top.

Value for money

As a general rule tablets are more affordable than laptops, but this doesn’t necessarily make them better value for money. Certainly you can buy at least three Kindle Fires for the price of a 15in Dell laptop computer, but do you get the same functions? The answer is no.

The current influx of affordable tablets and readers are designed for consuming media, but offer very little in the way of productivity.

Tablets also need to factor in the cost of apps, which are generally purchased separately to the device itself whereas most of the media and programmes come built in to the computer. For Tablets that perform more functions and are useful in more scenarios (replacing the family PC or operating as a school computer for instance) you will need to pay more money.

Laptops are also a lot sturdier and resistant to damage than a tablet, meaning on the whole when you compare both products, neither a tablet nor a laptop offers considerably better value. If you’re concerned about the cost of a laptop or new Tablet, one of the best options is to sell your old computers and laptops. When I wanted to sell my laptop, the internet was a great place to start looking for comparisons on prices and rates.

Best for movies, TV and music

Tablets offer a great solution for when you want to watch your favourite TV shows and movies on the move. With low power consumption you can get through a few programmes without needing to recharge and good connectivity allows you to download on the move. However the smaller screen size means Tablets are more suited to a solo viewing experience, and external speakers or headphones are recommended to boost the sound quality.

 In contrast a laptop can act as a mini-television, with crisp picture and better audio quality. It also has a DVD drive which gives you access to your favourite box-sets and series. When it comes to music, the downside to the Tablet is its limited storage space. However with the right speaker docks and headphones, the sound quality is more than acceptable.

Again laptops are more versatile, offering you the opportunity to play discs as well as download and stream music, but they aren’t nearly as convenient or portable.

Best for productivity

The portability of the tablet means that they are ideal to assist in presentations and business meetings. Now thanks to keyboard accessories they are also great for note-taking during lectures and school classes. However the laptop still proves to be best overall when it comes to everyday productivity, and having access to the full versions of Office software programmes makes virtually all tasks simpler to complete.

My name is Myke Thomas and I’ve written this article about what I plan to do when I sell my laptop to offer advice and information to those in a similar situation.

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