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Microsoft SkyDrive – Put Your MS Office on Steroids

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As technology pushes forward to being mobile, and cloud computing is on the lips of any tech savvy, SkyDrive puts Microsoft in the field of this ever-growing arena of online service providing.

1. File hosting service

In its essence, the MS SkyDrive is a file hosting service of Microsoft. This puts Microsoft a head-to-head competition of Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and Amazon Cloud Drive.

MS SkyDrive is part of wide range online services from Microsoft that caters to web applications, web services, and mobile services.

MS SkyDive is currently offering free account registration, inclusive of a 7GB storage capacity.

2. Online file hosting

Online file hosting has become popular for those people on the go. MS SkyDrive can host every file: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, image files, music files, and everything.

It also provides a safe and secure storage service for when a device is unable to function, the essential and important files are safe in the Microsoft’s “cloud” server.

3. Personal file storage

As with every file hosting services, the main purpose of MS SkyDive is an online personal file storage.

An individual can upload a file from any computer or device to his SkyDive account. He can also view, edit, or download the file from any computer and device.

4. File sharing

Because MS SkyDrive is an online file hosting service, it can also share files for other computer users.

An MS SkyDrive user can have the option of choosing which people to share a file with. He can provide a link. With that, only those with the link can view the file. The user also has the option of the viewers’ control of the file: either they can download the file or edit the file.

MS SkyDrive users also have the option of making a file public, making it for everyone to see and access.

5. MS Office integration

The real strength and full capacity of MS SkyDrive is with its MS Office integration.

Because most of the important files that are created are made with MS Office components, it is appropriate enough that MS SkyDrive should also provide its online facilities.

MS SkyDrive provides the online capacities of MS Office with its online version, the Office Web Apps. This is including apps such as Office, Project, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

6. MS Office files support

Because MS SkyDrive is a Microsoft service, every file MS Office creates is fully supported with MS SkyDrive. Whether it is a Word document (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt), an Excel spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx), a PowerPoint presentation (.ppt, .pptx), or anything, there would be no problem in handling and viewing the file online.

7. Real-time collaboration

Because it is online and some people you share the file with may be in different locations at the same time, it is now possible for many people to create a single file simultaneously.

Real-time collaboration is most useful for online conferences and meetings where important parties are not present in the same room.

8. Document imbedding

MS SkyDrive can embed files into websites without having the website users to download the file into their computer or device. Anyone can view a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet directly on the site.

9. Email integration

Like document imbedding and MS Office integration, MS SkyDrive can also integrate into your Hotmail account or Outlook program. With MS SkyDrive, it is now easier to attach a file into the mail.

10. Social network sharing

Because SkyDrive can be integrated into social networks like Twitter or Facebook, any files can now be shared easily through these platforms. It can also tag necessary people if needed.

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