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More Than Games: Three Things You Aren’t Using Your Phone For

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Very few individuals realize just how powerful of a tool they may have with them everywhere they go, and that tool is their phone. Many enjoy playing games on their phone or sending quick text messages back and forth, but these Smartphones often have the processing power, apps, and hardware that is underutilized or never even opened. For those that would like to make the most out of this technology, here is a closer look at just three additional features of their Smartphone that could help them every single day.

Robust Storage Device

Most Smartphones have a number of features that allow owners to store files and data of all types. From full-length movies to their favorite music, these Smartphones do not need to stream data, often eating into expensive data plans. Owners should consult the user’s guide in order to understand just how much data their phone can store. Many companies also offer upgraded phone storage options with removable drives.

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Users can then swap out drives or memory cards at any time to access multimedia files, written documents, and much more. Even phones that do not support certain file types, such as a PDF or zip file, can store these files much like a mobile memory key. The information can then be transferred by removing the phone’s memory card, wirelessly, or by manually connecting it to the computer.

Home Automation and Security

Very few things are as important as keeping one’s home safe and secure, and Smartphones have made this process stress-free. With home automation more practical and affordable than ever, Smartphones can be used to carry out countless tasks throughout the home without the owner being there. From locking doors to turning on security cameras, automation and security companies often offer streamlined programs that turn one’s phone into an invaluable homeowner’s tool like Vivint. These programs can also save money with reduced energy costs, turning off electronic devices, and setting one’s climate control.

Productivity Apps

Mobile apps have become a multi-billion dollar industry with everything from best-selling games to news articles at one’s fingertips. Productivity apps are often one place that very few Smartphone owners venture. These apps move well beyond basic calendars, and users can enjoy a wide array of features that will save them time and money. Some of the most popular options include coupon apps, programs to find the cheapest products, daily event reminders, and apps that help individuals create and meet goals in the upcoming days and weeks.

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