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Play old school video games online through social media

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As you might have imagined, with over 1 billion users across the globe, Facebook is already well on its way to controlling the universe. It knows who our friends are, what we “like”, where we come from, where we went to school, and where we go for lunch. However, why do so many people sign up, and keep going online? In this day in age, almost everyone has a mobile phone, so we can already talk to our friends effortlessly at the tap of a button/screen, why do we insist on communicating through a website?        

 Well, does your phone have a seemingly unlimited games database, filled with all of your old classics? Can you “invite” your friends to help you out in your quest to complete a level or challenge them in a dual? I think not. This is where Facebook really comes into its own. Not only can you now communicate with your friends, and find out what they are up to anonymously at the other side of a computer screen, but you can now play virtual games with them as if you were 10 again! How fantastic!

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New vs. Old

Creators of virtual games originally thought they had to come up with something new and exciting to entice us, so they came up with the likes of Farmville, which is fine, if you are just starting out your gaming career. However, for those of us who owned an original Nintendo64 or GameBoy, these new games just seemed to have that little something missing. Once the developers realized this, they hit the jackpot.

Now all of us oldies can sit and play our old favorites like Donkey Kong, Tetris, Snake and Pacman, and with over 100,000 monthly users, it’s easy to see there’s a fair few of us! What’s more, we can play for hours and hours on end, staring at our computer screen, inviting our friends to join us, and annoying them with hundreds of notifications a day until they give in.

That’s when you should probably sit down with yourself (without your laptop, I know, it hurts to say goodbye) and realize that you have become a victim of online gaming addiction.. Don’t let it hurt you too much, I’ve been in your position before, where you feel like you literally can’t go an hour without “logging in” to see if anyone has accepted your pleads to give you that extra life you know you crucially need to complete your current level and move up to “Gaming God”, but just re-read that last sentence, and you will see yourself in a whole new light!

Something missing

But, as good an imitation as these games are, do you not sometimes think that even though they are almost an exact replication, there is STILL something missing? I think I have your answer. It is the feeling of actually playing an original game, with your friends, in their direct company. Nothing beats spending quality time with your friends, face to face, where you can laugh and talk about girls or boys, as if the end of the world is a million years away.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

So tonight, I set you challenge fellow gamers. Phone your friends, and organize a night out at an arcade. I know this seems like a drastic thing, but just try it! You can sit in front of an old-style gaming machine, just like the good old days. You can play away to your hearts’ content, moan about your husbands or wives (bet that makes you feel old), and what’s more, you’ve actually reached the legal age now, so you can have a drink in the process!

As good as social networking is, I think we all need a little kick up the bum into reality. So jump off your computer seat (try not to damage the aging muscles), and go spend some quality time with your friends, so it really will be just like the old days!

Author Bio: Michael Clark is an experienced writer and a tech freak. He loves gaming and reading books at his free time. He has written a new article for the site Zombie Games 365.

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