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What Technology Reveals About Your Bachelor Party

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Most people are unaware today that technology has a way of revealing one’s daily practice. Ever since the advent of the Information Age, technology has been more and more ingrained into our psyche that we no longer find it as efficient to function without it. Due to this, it can also be said that technology is indeed able to provide insights into our daily routine that we would most likely miss at any given time.

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One good illustration of this is how bachelor party preferences are revealed by which phone, browser or email you use. A study made by an event agency,, revealed that iPhone users have the most friends in terms of how many guests they had in their stag do activities with over 15 people in their party on the average. On the other hand, Google Nexus owners lag the most with only an average of five people in their stag group size.

reviews, technology reviews, technology

With a total sample size of over 97,000 respondents, the study also found out that the males who use their emails the most are also the ones inclined to spend the most on stag parties with an approximate expense of £104.62 for each individual. On the other end of the scale are AOL users who are the most tightfisted spenders compared to their contemporaries with £92.52 per person.

When it comes to mobile phone networks, male users who are under Vodafone inquire the most about lap dance activities while O2 users are more likely to solicit information about club entries. Lastly, Tesco Mobile users prefer to probe more about comedy bars.

These statistics definitely shed light on how we can best utilize today’s available technology in line with planning our social gatherings.

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