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Why Life Without Cable or Satellite Technology May Not Be Smoother than Usual

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The television has become one of the most effective mediums of communication. Everyone from businessmen to the average Joe spends at least some time in front of the TV. With the introduction of satellite TV and its countless channels one cannot even imagine how life must have been without it. There is a wide variety of channels on Dish Network, many of which are the same found in cable programming. 

Keeping that thought in mind there are other areas where the satellite technology has made major contributions to life on earth as we know it. Some of those areas are listed below:

Health care Sector:

You can take the dread off making a doctor’s visit by replacing the magazine with a satellite TV.

By subscribing to a satellite TV channel, private medical practitioners can make their clinics more like a haven where their patients can be put at ease and have some time to themselves.  

For many people taking the trip to the doctor’s could be an exasperating experience. It is also time consuming which takes time away from our social activities. Making a trip to the doctor also means that we have to take time off from work, reschedule our appointments and miss important deadlines.

The ever increasing cost of medicines along with the long wait at the doctor’s clinic has led many patients to seek treatment elsewhere. Like many other brick and mortar business, health care is also finding its foothold on the internet.

Products like these were first only available to large companies, but with the prices of these products rapidly decreasing it is now easily accessible to groups who come in the smaller income bracket.

Satellite Technology:

Satellite technology is referred to as remote sensing, navigation and communications. Satellite technology is able to provide valuable information in a number of areas from business, development and research to management and health care.

There is a great demand for this technology especially in developing countries where the absence of a basic infrastructure causes problems for the people. Unfortunately, developing countries are not using this technology to its full potential.

Remote Sensing:

Governments are often challenged with the question of why to invest in new technology? Satellite based technology can reveal the agricultural sector areas that may need improvement. Remote sensing can help improve the quality of food as well as a country’s agricultural produce. Satellites can also be used for planning out better farming techniques that could increase farm yield despite using minimum resources.


Fundamentally, satellite technology is synonymous with telecommunication. It provides a platform through which the transfer of data from one point to anywhere on the globe becomes possible. The data can be in the form of a television or radio broadcast, the internet or a simple phone call.

One of the key benefits of using satellite technology is its global reach. These satellites which are strategically placed in orbit creates a network which is able to send and receive data from anywhere on the planet.


GIS or Geographic Information System is the system that is designed to map and store information of the earth’s terrain. GIS systems are now being used by governments for everything by tracking the migratory patterns of birds and animals to making maps with intricate detail.

Disaster Management:

The most crucial need which is addressed by the use of satellites is disaster management in the case of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. Satellites are used to track and monitor the long term problems that a country may face like famine and outbreak of diseases.


GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. By obtaining information and images from a distance, scientists are able to measure phenomena on the earth’s surface. The instruments used in these satellites measures different heat and energy signatures which reflect from the surface. This data is used as a measurement to infer about the earth’s atmosphere and climatic conditions.

Provide Early Warning Signals:

Satellites are used to monitor those regions of the earth where natural disasters occur frequently. This technology is used to keep an eye on volcanoes and fault lines under the ocean. It is also used to map out potential danger areas and provide early warning signals to those places which can be affected.

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CJ is a businesswoman and teacher of business models to aspiring entrepreneurs. She believes that there is a wide variety of channels on Dish Network, many of which are the same found in cable programming, which is why many people are using to compare and make the switch over to satellite.

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