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Drupal Development Tips For all the talented geeks

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The world of technology is going through a constant change every single day. New developments are being made in every field and keeping track of this is becoming increasingly challenging. One such technological invention is Drupal. This term may bring out looks of confusion and bewilderment to a person who repels technology, but for the technology lovers, this could be food for thought. Drupal is an open source CMF which is short for content management framework. It is free of cost and most websites use it. It can be used by personal blogs, government websites as also corporate, political and business websites all over the world. It is written in PHP. Any platform is suitable for running Drupal.

Drupal developers in India are coming up with new and effective techniques and tips for running Drupal. This name is not very well versed with the average public and constant efforts are being made to familiarise users with this phenomenon.

  • One of the most important factors is to plan. It is the most important thing that will affect your decisions. Often, there are several modules that are made available. You need not download all the modules. People may say that it is a good thing to download all but the reality is just the opposite. Always go through each module and choose what you like best and what suits your requirements.
  • Keeping a tab on the updates is a must. Drupal often comes up with updates which are important when it comes to its performance. These are extremely vital updates and it helps keep the system revised and up to date. However, it is always advisable to test these before updating since some features cannot be uninstalled. Always go for the latest version. Working on older versions could mean restricted access to newer tools. This acts as a big drawback when generating traffic.
  • If you are unable to install a newer version, you can still gain access to latest tools with the help of Memcache. It is also a performance booster and helps tremendously to reduce the pressure on the server. Varnish is another solution to take the load off the server. It enables easy transferring of data without compromising on the quality. This feature is always a plus and can be used with Drupal 6 or Drupal 7. You don’t have to go all glum if the Varnish does not work.
  • Drupal has a solution for that too. Boost is a module of Drupal for anonymous users. Boost is something in which PHP is not required. The requested page appears quicker than expected since it comes directly from a disk and not from a coding. However, one drawback of this module is that its performance is affected on cloud networks or distributed environments since it tends to get a bit slower.
  • CDN is extremely useful in the functioning of Drupal. It is not just Drupal that gets the benefit. CDN is useful when it comes to allocate documents, scripts and images. These can be spread in several locations. Thus, it is useful if you wish to aim at a larger audience, preferably international. If not, then you must probably stick to Varnish.
  • Another very important module of Drupal is View. However, along with the positives, the negatives tag along; the biggest negative point being slowing down the system. Block cache, again, is important if the user wishes to stay anonymous. This is especially great if combined with Memcache, believe Drupal developers in India. There are several changes that are being made every day and Drupal is fast becoming a known name in the technology driven world.

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