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Free ebook: Conquering Google AdSense

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Other people know what you should pay attention to to increase your click through rates tremendously and assure you get the maxmimum amount of money out of your AdSense sites. And you can take advantage of their and my own knowledge right now…

In this special updated Kindle Version you will learn crucial tips and techniques to skyrocket your AdSense earnings, including but not limited to:

– How to make sure you start with the right foot to begin with, and why this is CRUCIAL when it comes to creating a profitable web site (p. 3)
– How to know if you have chosen a winner topic (p. 13)
– How to set up your site the right way, starting from scratch (p. 15)
– What are the missing puzzles most AdSense publishers forget to adjust in their own web sites (p. 22)
– Where to put your ads, and why (based on successful models of AdSense gurus and real world statistics) (p. 28)
– How to design your ads for maximum profitability (p. 38)
– Sneaky and underground little tactics to increase your CTR tremendously (p. 57)
– And much much more…

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Download FREE ebook Conquering Google AdSense for your Kindle Edition here

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