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How to Turn Your Browser into a Notepad

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Usually when I need to take notes on a PC, my goto app is web browser. How? With a simple code snippit that works with most web browsers in a new tab.
The code is:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Just copy/paste it into any browser tab address bar to transform the tab’s window into a text box. I’ve tested it with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other webkit browsers without any problems. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Internet Explorer, and I haven’t tested it in Safari (I don’t own a Mac and Safari for Windows is a poor life decision).
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Memorizing this code of text is probably not ideal, so the easiest way to make use of it is to create a bookmark. You can add it the classic browser Favorite method, or just drag it to the bookmark bar. I changed the name of mine to “Take Notes” after creating it.

browser, turn browser into notepad, tech tips, tips

Note: You should be sure to save the page before you close it as it will not prompt you to save before closing. In Firefox and Chrome saving the page can be done from the File or Settings menu.

As mentioned, when you try to put the code in Internet Explorer it will just throw out an error.

browser, turn browser into notepad, tech tips, tipsWe now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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