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New Breed of Facebook Games

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With the rise of mobile gaming, more and more social game developers are reconsidering which platforms they should use for their latest (and possibly greatest) releases. Although it is true that mobile gaming has damaged the number of users playing Facebook games, it would be an exaggeration to say that this platform is dead.

Users actively engaged with Facebook games had dropped between 30 – 40% during 2012, and Zynga alone appears to have lost approximately 20% of their user base from the year before.

However, Facebook gaming is not dead; instead it is being redesigned and reinvented by the developers that have taken the business decision to stick with the platform that has helped build their success.

Facebook games are going under a tremendous amount of change, and Facebook gamers can look forward to new, challenging and interesting social games. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at some of the games that either have been released or will be released in the near future.

Invisible Armada

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Invisible Armada is a great RPG that encourages users to consider strategy and tactics in order to successfully trade with other cities and to launch battles at sea.  In Invisible Armada you will be charged with the task of building your own fleet of ships, your own base and you’ll have to find your own trade opportunities.

The game utilizes great graphics, creating an enjoyable user experience both visually and in the form of a great storyline. However, cities do look extremely similar and this may begin to bore a user who likes a little variety. This game was released in December 2012.

Forbidden Garden

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Forbidden Garden is a Facebook game that was released in January 2013 by the developer Red Spell. Forbidden Garden is a great resource gathering game with an interesting twist. Players can enslave goblins, battle heroes as well as gather the usual resources such as timber and minerals.

Players begin as a protagonist who is given a supervisory role in the activities, creating an interesting and engaging gameplay style. Rather than gathering the resources yourself, players authorize the construction of production buildings, and then assign goblins to each area. You also have the opportunity to capture any would be heroes that attempt to steal from your armory (another interesting twist!)

Soldiers of Fortune

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‘Soldiers of Fortune’ is another Facebook game that was released in January 2013, this time from Russian developer and publisher Crazy Bit. Originally entitled ‘War Dogs’, Soldiers of Fortune tells the story of a country in ruins; which sees criminals and citizens involved in a conflict that threatens to spill over into a full blown civil war.

The protagonist is a squad leader, who is in charge of a well equipped and highly skilled squad. The team needs to go through a variety of missions and campaigns. The game is relatively close to the original concept, and a number of social features have been included to make the game more suitable for Facebook users.

Happy Tale

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If you like the simple life of gathering resources and managing your kingdom then Happy Tale is the ideal Facebook game for you. Released in late January 2013 by Can’t Stop Games this simple but appealing game is set on beautiful background of bright green.

Despite its use of bright colors, the inability to zoom in and get a closer look of the action does impair the quality of the game.

The game is relatively predictable, and it may not offer anything new, but it is nonetheless enjoyable and entertaining, especially for younger gamers.

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