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Some easy going Fingerprint Locks for Security Gates

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Biometric locks are a brand-new discovery in the field of security. In order to work, biometric locks don’t use a key; they utilize a certain human feature, like a fingerprint. Fingerprint locks are very popular types of locks that are now available on the market. Whether you want to protect your property, residence or assets, these security systems are truly innovative.

How Fingerprint Locks work

In order to function, a fingerprint lock scans your fingerprint to recognize its distinctive structure. It only takes a few seconds for the lock to allow access when it spots a print that has been registered before. Biometric locks that work with the help of fingerprints need a power source, in most of the cases 9V or AA batteries.

Fingerprint locks are considered a lot more secure than those conventional keyed locks; people can utilize keys and their small size makes them easy to lose. These aspects don’t apply to fingerprints, which are entirely different for each person, and in order for the lock to grant access, an allowed individual has to be present.

When you want more persons (such as family or friends) to be able to enter your house, you need to give each one of them a key. When using a fingerprint door lock, numerous individuals can be registered into the lock (this process is referred to as enrolling). Biometric locks can also be used for your workplace, not only for your home.

Alternative Uses

The great thing about these biometric locks is that they can be used for other purposes too. You may utilize fingerprint scanners for your computer- there are producers who introduce this technology in the laptops they manufacture, or for home safes. In both situations, biometric locks are meant to protect significant and precious information. There are persons who have weapons or firearms deposited in their safes, so they utilize a fingerprint lock in order to keep their kids away from them.

Moreover, fingerprint locks can protect storage containers, for example lockers, or personal suitcases. Nowadays, there are on the market several extremely luxurious cars that feature biometric door locks in order to permit access in vehicles, rather than those traditional keyed locks.

Fingerprint locks are excellent for people’s properties as well. When you live in a gated home, you need to have a solid security system to protect your home and the surrounding land. Hence, biometric locks for your security gates are an excellent solution.

Fingerprint Capacity

It may sound strange, but these locks have a certain capacity, which means that there is a restricted number of fingerprints (known as enrolled users) which can be stored inside their memory. The majority of commercial fingerprint locks can memorize up to 99 persons. This is totally enough when it comes to houses or small companies.

However, there are cases when a larger fingerprint capacity is needed. For example, in the United Kingdom, numerous schools utilize biometric locks in order to ban other persons, apart from students, from having access on the premises.

reviews, technology reviews, technology, fingerprint lock, security gateTypes of Fingerprint Locks

The ERA iLock FX3 from TLJ Security Systems is an excellent device. It’s really simple to install, it comes with a handler, and after the installation you can forget about entering your property using a key. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor access, the biometric locks from TLJ Security is truly revolutionary and its price is estimated at £260.

Although Samsung is famous for its high-tech Smartphone, the company has recently developed a really fancy fingerprint digital door lock. And considering the name of the brand, buyers should expect to invest approximately $500 in such a gadget.

For something a bit more convenient, you are advised to invest in the iTouchless Fingerprint Door Lock, available at $260. The device accepts 150 fingerprints, it comes with 2 back-up keys, and it is water resistant. The security lock is perfect for gates and outdoor spaces.

Last but not least, we have the Adel Trinity 788 Biometric Fingerprint Lock. Unlike other devices available on the market, this one is both convenient and efficient. It can be bought for $170 and it can be used on 3 ways: fingerprint, key, and PIN code. It comes with a capacity of up to 99 fingerprints, and it’s perfect for all kinds of spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

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