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Technology: How it can help in your kid’s upbringing

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Technology used to be everybody’s darling about ten years ago, but since the past five years we can’t stop cribbing over how it has made us dumb and ruined healthy relationships. Discussions on the pros and cons of technology are endless. We do not want our children to watch television or have cell phones. True, addiction to gadgets is not good, but any kind of addiction is harmful for that matter; so why this attack on just technological stuff?

Teaching kids about proper and intelligent utilization of technology matters. May be you don’t want them to get addicted to video games and chatting, but what of the wealth of information that can be accessed through internet, TV programs and even films? Isn’t it as important in the making of a competent person? Learn how to guide your child into using technology for good.

  • The competition out there has increased exponentially. Multi-tasking has become a key for nailing jobs. Using emails and phones would develop an aptitude for managing several things at once.
  • Today, every major examination is giving more weightage to general awareness and world news. Browsing the web is literally the fastest way to be updated on events.
  • So what if your kid is crazy for video games? He/she can grow up to be a successful video game developer or work with leading studios and actually earn a lot.
  • Television viewing for hours is harmful, but not letting your child watch anything at all is unfair. You can monitor the kind of shows that your kids watch. Get them into the habit of viewing more education based cartoons and programs, there are loads of these.
  • You don’t want your child getting attached to TV; the best way is to keep the TV in your room or in the hall. This will enable you to monitor his/her viewing habits well.
  • There are online games on puzzles, pronunciation, math skills and aptitude tests that will develop your kids mind early-on. Not all games are bad!

If you are having a tough time handling office, household chores and your little kids then do not fret. You don’t need to do all this alone. Counselling and some expert advice should help you cope with things better. Worry about your child’s health, studies and future will eat you up. Keep a child benefit phone number at all times to reach out in case of any emergency, need of guidelines or financial help.

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