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Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites

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The world revolves around social networking sites these days! Which are the social networking addresses that you have to be at to be in vogue? Let’s find out!

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  1. Facebook: The numero uno social networking address. With over 750,000,000 unique visitors every month, you know what you’re dealing with here! Known for the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ options, Facebook presents wonderful opportunities for people as well as businesses.
  2. Twitter: The microblogging website, a powerhouse in just 140 characters, Twitter has 250,000,000 unique people trooping in every month! Twitter is powered by the features of ‘retweet’ and also the photosharing department called twitpic.
  3. LinkedIn: The professional networking destination of the world, LinkedIn has a monthly unique visit of more than 110,000,000. This is a great hangout zone for professionals and is being increasingly used by HR departments of MNCs as a hiring zone.
  4. Pinterest: Primarily a photo-sharing website, Pinterest garners unique monthly visits of about 85,500,000 users. In this social networking site, you can create photo albums depending on themes like your interests, hobbies and special events.
  5. MySpace: MySpace is arguably the mother of all social networking sites because it made social networking ‘cool’. Displaced from the top, MySpace now gets about 70,500,000 unique visits every moth. You can make good use of MySpace to keep in touch and also to promote your ideas online.
  6. Google Plus+: Fairly new to the game, Google Plus+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. As of now, it brings in 65,000,000 unique visits every month. It is slated to cause some serious dents in the number of people using Facebook. But that is a long-shot going by current figures!
  7. DeviantArt: Launched well before Facebook in 2000, DeviantArt is an online community of artists who want to get together to showcase and discuss their artwork. DeviantArt gets unique monthly visits of 25,500,000.
  8. LiveJournal: If you are a writer, you have to get online on LiveJournal. This social networking site allows you to maintain a blog or a journal. You can create your own identity as a writer on LiveJournal. This is widely used for political commentary in Russia. It gets about 20,500,000 unique visits every month.
  9. Tagged: This social networking website is more about discovering each other online. You can share games, picture tags and also online gifts on Tagged. Launched in 2004 from California, Tagged receives 19,500,000 unique visits per month.
  10. Orkut: Once very popular in India and Brazil, Orkut now gets 17,500,000 unique monthly visits. The concept of writing ‘scraps’ and photo uploading was once a craze on Orkut but it slowly gave away ground to Facebook.
  11. CafeMom: A mother and at sea as to how to get by? Join CafeMom! This is a social networking destination of mothers and those who will be mothers soon. You will get to share your pleasures and pains with other mothers and also learn from each other’s experiences. CafeMom gets 12,500,000 unique monthly visits.
  12. Ning: If you are looking for a customized social networking experience, Ning is where you have to be. Ning allows users to create their own social media experience. Ning receives 12,000,000 unique visits per month.
  13. MeetUp: Want your online world to spill over offline? MeetUp can do that for you! MeetUp arranges for offline meetings of its members at specific locations. 7,500,000 unique visits every month prove MeetUp works!
  14. myLife: myLife shifts the focus of social networking to your own life and family. myLife shifts the limelight to your own family life. It gets 5,400,000 unique visits every month.
  15. Multiply:   Another good platform to share & socialize.

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