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Top 7 Useful iPad Tips

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What do you make of the use of your iPad? Well, just like in any other Apple’s product, the operation of this tablet is not rocket science and you do not have to be a techno freak to get going. Well, Apple remains at the top of their game when it comes to the release of easy-to-use products and with the manufacturer’s manual, usability will always be easy. From the management of the media player, the organization of the app store, creation of shortcuts, muting and so forth, you will enjoy a brand new experience with your tablet.

Seven useful top tips for your iPad

Creation of folders – The iOS in the iPad supports the creation of folders. Here, folder creation only requires you to tap and hold the application until they start jiggling, then drag the app on the other icons and release it. With that done, the tablet will certainly create a folder incorporating the two applications. While the folder will get a name depending on the applications’ categories, you are at liberty of renaming it as you wish.

The soft resetting – A user will only have to hold on to the top, the power and the bottom or the home buttons for a while. This will induce the restarting of the iPad. To cause a force quitting of a particular application, you are required to hold on to the home button using the same fashion.

Accessing all the operating applications – By simply clicking the home button, it will show the user all the currently running applications in the tablet in a compressed bar appearing at the screen’s bottom. To use an already running application, you will just have to make a button tap on the app while still on the bar. To remove the bar, you only need to swipe the screen on the downward direction.

Icons’ arrangement – This can be done by simply tapping and holding your finger onto the icon you want to reposition. Then, you will have to drag it to the other place you choose on the home-screen or you can choose to place it in a different home-screen or even a dock.

Cutting, copying and pasting – To execute any of these commands in your iPad, you begin by double tapping so as to select and then dragging the handles for selection to bring into the selection more words. To copy or cut, tap onto the place where you wish to place the texts or picture and then hit on paste.

Taking screenshots easily – Just as it is with iPhone models, you can take screenshots of anything that you come across with this tablet. With a bigger and a clearer screen, you can only realize how taking this is important. To do it easily, you just have to tap the home button and then the power and your photos will automatically be saved in your images’ library.

Easy muting – This will save you the agony and embarrassment of forgetting to mute your tablet in the middle of a church or a funeral service. It is easy. All you will have to do is to hold down onto the volume-down button for only a few seconds and this will completely mute the iPad.

Author Bio: James Bower works for one of the largest retailers of iPad and other Apple products in Europe.

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