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3 Tips To Remember About Online Document Signatures’ Integration

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Not so long ago, document signatures involved a lengthy process, right from preparing it, then printing it, faxing or scanning it and sending it for finally getting the much valued signature on it. Not just that, the issue of having it signed in either black or blue ink was also a requirement that needed to be made sure of. Imagine that – one sign and so much of effort and with all the talks about time management and debates of taking care of multiple tasks all flushed down with this one time-consuming yet essential ordeal. By then… this was the only means to get it done with. Today, odds have changed in favor of us.

The creators of electronic document signatures have revolutionized the process of document signing by introducing a more manageable and quick way to cater to all transactions electronically and within seconds. That pretty much puts an end to the era of disappointments owing to work delays and ‘wet ink’ and ‘paper waste’ and not to forget, downright irritation because of the kaput fax or printing machine. 

technology reviews, Online Document Signatures’ Integration

Document signatures use modern digital methodology to capture a person’s signature that has the same legal acceptance as traditional ink and paper signs have. Moreover, an online signature also re-affirms that you officially bind your consent to the contents of the document and hereby, agree to whatever terms and conditions it implies. Using a secure data encryption method, there is, in any way, no chance for the document to be mishandled, reproduced, or forgery if one intends to use the information for malicious purposes. This is for sure one of the biggest benefits of that these digital document signature process renders to bankers, investors, realtors, government and semi-government authorities or even legal personnel, for that matter.

Moving forward, what’s important is to remember that your online document signature application is integrated correctly. For that, you need some pro tips of for smooth and seamless integrations:

1. Signers Can Also Refuse to Sign The Contract

If you think your intuitive interface will be enough for people to sign your document, it doesn’t mean that they would! Your document signing system should natively support the right to sign or decline easily, however they choose to.

2. Resend The Contract With Ease

If the need be, you can send out invitations to sign your contract to you intended signers; however, the information coming to the API might not necessarily be 100% accurate. Probably, that might be because of invalid e-mail address or people entering wrong information.  You document signature app should be informative enough to show you that the e-mail has been bounced back so that you can re-send it, entering the correct information.

3. Custom Permissions

Almost all the enterprise systems out there have extended their support to custom permissions.  In case you are a sales representative, you can customize the options you need according to your need. If you are the Administrator, you have access to a lot more and can set limitations for others users depending on their responsibilities.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can easily integrate your online signature app without a trouble.

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