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6 Reasons Why Audio Visual Services Are Important For A Presentation

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Many psychologists have advised on the best possible ways to have something stick in a child’s or a student’s mind. The reason why many students are taken to museums and historical sites for their class trips is that these places and artifacts tend to stick more in our memories than when a teacher speaks about them. It is amazing the role our eyes and ears play in gaining knowledge on something.  So efficient is the system that more schools are embracing audio visual services CA for class lessons. Today, we are going to look at some of the reasons why this kind of presentation is as efficient, especially for the students in class, or as an aid while making your sale’s pitch or presenting something in a company.

1. It is a good motivator

The audiovisual aid is the best way of motivating a student. If a student in a science class sees in animated 3D some of the scientific processes of a certain system, he is encouraged to learn more about it. Compared to imagination in a class after a boring lecture, seeing a presentation can aid in bringing the student to more knowledge.

2. Enhances the efficiency of verbal instruction

Verbalism may lack its implied meaning unless visual aids step in. In some cases, you will not get the point unless someone presents a picture to explain. In the same light, motion pictures are even better communicating agents. You will need fewer words if you have a visual aid with you. Concepts are understood in a clearer manner and instructions are followed in a better way.

3. A clear image in your conscience

You will understand something better once all 5 senses of your body are involved: your sight, smell, feel, hearing and taste. If only one of these is present in bringing light to a situation, it will be harder for you to understand something. Increasing the levels of ingestion of information simply increases the ability of a person to get a clear image of the concept in his mind.

4. Vicarious experience is achieved

First time experience is always important in someone’s life. When you learnt to ride a bike the first time, when you learnt to swim, or to successfully dodge or throw a ball, these memories stick in your brain for a very long period. For a teacher, understanding this concept in a learning environment is important. Any first time experience you place in an audiovisual setup in class will have a vicarious effect on the student. They rarely forget what they are taught that day.

5. It gives a good form of variety

You do remember how boring it was when the same teacher would stand in from of you and speak or lecture for over an hour each day. It often got a bit exciting when another replacement teacher would come in, and you would probably concentrate more in that class. Audiovisual presentation works in the same way. When boring lectures become tiring, you can decide to bring an exciting learning aid through such a presentation, and you will notice how motivated the students will be in that class.

6. The freedom needed in learning

Recorded audiovisual aids provide the student the freedom to do a varied number of things. To begin with, a student can ask for a repetition of something he has not understood. In addition, the students can pause, think about and debate upon something that has been played on the presentation. He can also take the presentation home in a storage device, and learn more about a concept on his own PC.

In essence, the learning process of a student has increased advantage through these aids. Though they may take some time to come up with, a teacher will never regret the move to involve the aid in his/her class. Actually, the aid helps her teach. She can sit down, go to the staff room or do something else while the clips play.

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