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7 Services to Secure a Safer Password

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The average person owns at least one “smart” device. Phones, computers and tablets have tons of personal information and personalized downloads. If you don’t protect these devices, anybody can access them –even more, they are more prone to getting stolen in general.

Here are a few services that can help you create the strongest password possible and test how well it will secure your blog, website or personal computing device.

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Creating a Password

Before you take any further steps, the actual password needs to be created. Some people may want the computer to come up with a password for them while others prefer thinking it up themselves. Either way, when you’re finished the password can be tested for its guarding abilities.

1. Phonetic Password Generator

Phonetic Password Generator is exactly what it sounds like. It literally generates passwords that have letter combinations that sound like a word –but do not create an actual word. This is useful for people who have trouble remembering passwords or do not like to save them in a large document for fear someone will find it.

2. DinoPass

password tool, mobile apps

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The DinoPass website originally designed their random password generator for children, but many adults find it easy to operate and useful. Passwords can consist of lowercase letters and numbers –or become more sophisticated with upper and lower case numbers or special characters, depending upon your needs.

Testing Actual Password Strength

Now that you’ve created your password, make sure it can guard your digital castle.


This website is equipped with a mathematical equation that tells you how long it would take a computer to hack your password and break into your device or accounts. This is a really great concept, but it is unclear how accurate the feedback really is. Then again, we won’t be around in 7 million years to know the difference.

4. Strength Test

Strength Test examines how strong the actual password itself is. When the test is complete, you will get a score. Warnings will be given for common passwords. It also inspects the password for letters that commonly follow each other in language like “q” and “u.” The score of the password will not increase because of this –making your password no less of a choice.

5. PlanetMagpie Password Strength Tester

PlanetMagpie Password Strength Tester will let you know how well your password is performing in real-time. This means it can compare it to current and common passwords by other users on other websites and devices. As you type in a password, you will be given suggestions for what a better password could be.

6. LBW-SOFT’s Password-Review

LBW-SOFT’s Password-Review will break down the strengths and weaknesses of the password you’ve created. You might be interested to use this after Test Your Password has randomly generated a password for you, in order to see how strong it is.


If you’re looking for less hassle, the website below will both generate a password and test its strength for you in one shot.

password tool, mobile apps

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7. Test Your Password

Test Your Password will help you create a password if you can’t come up with one on your own. All password are random, assuring your devices are completely secure. You can provide specific parameters on how long you’d like the password to be and which characters you’d like it to include. After that, the password can be tested for its strength.

Be smart and protect your online assets with proper passwords. It is quite simple for a computer to guess an easy password and you don’t want to risk losing all of your work or having your website crash if you get hacked.

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Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional in the Los Angeles. She works with HostPapa, a web hosting provider that sees the difference a strong password can make when it comes to protecting your site or blog.

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