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Best Gaming Apps for Windows 8 Users

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Mobile gaming in the recent times has hit mainstream computing. Even the most dedicated gamer might require to take a break from the hard MMO Macros and crazy explosions. Your search for this might end with Windows 8’s selection of games. It might not have the deep gaming libraries like that of Apple and Android devices but still the Windows casual game collection can give you utmost pleasure and enjoyment.

Windows 8 apps are huge and to find out the best one, you have to take a tour of the different gaming platforms. No matter what then origin of all these games are, they will certainly insist you in playing the games one more round, if not twice. Stay awake at night and keep playing the Windows 8 games!


This freemium Android game is astounding in the Windows platform. Seek the greatest pleasure by playing it in one pixel-packed monitor. This game offers you an aesthetic combination of pounding electronic audio track with retro-tinged style.

In this game, you would play the character of a human who strives to regain the earth from the hands of an evil robot. Don’t think the game is too easy. You have to undertake serious strategies for conquering the nodes. You know, if you continue to with a bad strategy for prolonged time, you might have to shell out real money for purchasing additional charge!


What should I do in this game? Your primary task is to make a sketch of a stickman and after that draw a stick friend for him. So far it’s easy and predictable. Then all of a sudden a sharp-toothed book gulps your stick friend. No the stickman tried to help you cross the various level by the use of different pencils. In all these attempts, the greatest distraction that you have to face is that of a lighting rabbit.

It’s amusing! But be very careful… a single wrong step can destroy all your hard work by immolating the stickman. Bothe premium and free version of this gaming app is available for you.


Is there anyone to whom the tale of Fruit Ninja is unknown? It is a casual classic which you can find in all the significant touchscreen OS. In this gaming app, you will see that fruits fly in air and you have to make an attempt to slice it. If you can split one fruit into multiple pieces by a single swipe, you get bonus points. But make sure that you don’t cut off the bomb! With the progress of avocation, you will have a simple but satisfying experience. Play it and you will understand it better!


If you will go by the look of this game, you will be disheartened. There is nothing in the appearance, its all in the game itself. It is real fun playing the game! This game plunges you into ocean of letters where you have to find the correct words so that you can reach a specific minimum score before you run short of time. With each word, you can boost up your points while lose some seconds from your timer.

You can also rotate a block to get new possibilities. Word Blast might start in a calm and dignified way but ultimately ends in frantic frenzy action.


This is a cheery Hexage game! This game is all about strapping sad-eyed spirits to totem spirit for clearing them from board. Emptying up the board actually cleans up the level. You have to connect one spirit with the other in the same column or row. It is on totem’s size that the number of spirits to be bound will depend. Are you worried that the gameplay is very complicated? Well, it is not as complicated as you think. However, the first board cleanup strategy is very significant.


Have you ever though that you could be a jellyfish? Who can think that this gelatinous mass can give such fun? In this game, you are casted as one brave coelenterate navigating across the sea munching over planktons and at the same time avoiding the large predators. From time to time, you will hatch an egg hat you need to save from environmental hazards and hungry fish. It’s tricky! The sea current makes it all the trickier for you. The cartoony visuals of the game make it impressive to the gamers.


This is a character of the game that desires to fly but has certain limitations. He, therefore, designed a machine which can assist him to fly in the sky. Your task will be to draw lines in the screen to guide Inkarus to his desirable object and at the same time preventing any demise to it. Wait till you reach the upper levels.     

 So, which game are you trying with your Windows 8 OS? Have a gala time with these fun-filled collections!

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