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Check the stock market on Android easily with app Stocktile for FREE

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Check the stock market in half a second. Literally. Stocktile’s beautiful interface puts in front of you all the information you need to just get in and get out.

Using colored tiles, now you have a different way to organize the stock tickers that you care about. No more packs of smalls numbers crammed together in your device. No more loads of data that you are not interested in. Stocktile is the simplest stock watcher application on the Amazon App Store. Just what you need in front of you. Period.

We combined the classic market colors with simple gestures to navigate through your watch list. Every bit of data is right there in front of your eyes, or just one tap away. No deep navigation needed, no forms to fill in, no stuff you don’t want to pay for. Green tickers are up, reds are down, and blacks haven’t change from the opening price. Extra details like price, market capital, volume, change percentage, etc. are softened off so you can focus on what’s really important.

You can search for a stock even when you are not online. It’s fast and simple, and you can even use your voice! Stocktile will automatically download your market information as soon as you get back online. There are no refresh buttons to press and nothing to take care of. Stocktile will do it for you, and will keep your information updated so you don’t need to wait for it. 

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