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Eight Tech Gadgets to Geek Out on For 2013

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While every year has its own technology highlights that become the must-haves, 2013 is proving to be a year in which some amazing new gadgets are hitting the market. In addition to advanced new products, exciting features are now being added to many old devices making them more appealing for 2013.

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1. Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Few products have developed a following as widespread as the Amazon Kindle, and the most recent Kindle Fire HD adds a whole new dimension to the tablet market. In addition to downloading books directly from an Amazon account, this advanced eReader can carry out almost every function of a full-sized tablet.

2. Game Golf

For lovers of golf, Game Golf is a unique system in which an entire game can be tracked via one’s smartphone and two cufflinks placed on their wrists. These unobtrusive devices will save and categorize information ranging from the amount of strokes taken in a game to one’s GPS coordinates.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is sizing up to be one of the few smartphones that could potentially topple the iPhone’s supremacy in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is host to a number of new features that have never been seen before including improved facial recognition and pausing features while watching videos.

4. Vivint Home Automation

Complete home automation and security is a dream for many, and those that have a home automation system no doubt understand just how popular they have become. Vivint systems offer an eye-catching and easy-to-use touchscreen for everything from the home’s alarm to climate control options. They also offer cellular systems for folks without a landline, and for the eco-friendly family, vivint has several energy-saving devices.

5. Cambridge Audio Minx Air

The Cambridge Audio Minx Air provides a single device to play streaming music from anywhere in the home. With a wifi connection, users can turn on their playlists from all other devices including laptops, desktops, and smartphones.

6. 3D Printers

Only a select few schools and companies currently enjoy 3D printers, but this technology is expanding at an astounding rate. Everything from replacement hearts to full homes are now being printed exclusively with these amazing gadgets.

7. Tylt Vu

The Tylt Vu takes the guesswork and hassle out of working with multiple electronic devices, each with their unique charging cable. The Tyle Vu is a single raised mat that wirelessly charges a number of gadgets including smartphones and tablet PCs.

8.Google Glasses

Google Glasses remain one of the most highly-anticipated gadgets to have ever been created. While only a select few have access to Google Glasses, this technology allows for completely hands-free internet usage, calls, texts, movies, and much more.

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