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Facebook Cover Software Offers Rapid Cover Design

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Being Individual

Whilst people in general are keen to quickly point out our individualities when we are placed in a setting in which we find ourselves compared such as when we find ourselves in an interview, dating or even on Facebook it’s commonly found that we express ourselves in the media that appeals to us of that we consume. One of the ways that we express our persona is through the media that other people have produced, for example, our preference for the music of Beyoncé and that their favourite TV series is Grey’s Anatomy. 

Individuality Doesn’t Require Design Individuality

Just as you wouldn’t expect yourself or your friends to make their own TV series or music in order to convey who they are as a person, why is one expected to make their own Facebook Cover? Thanks to a new neat Facebook cover software app you no longer need to dwell on making your own cover with your lacklustre design skill.

Make a Facebook Cover with Software

Make a Facebook Cover is a free web-based application that provides the ability to fulfil your social obligations of having a Facebook cover but without having to sit through the painstaking design decisions that are frequently associated with creating your own cover.

You’ll find yourself making a Facebook cover in very much the same way in which I created my new Facebook Cover which you can see below:

facebook, facebook cover software

Creating your Personal Facebook Cover

The first step to getting your own Facebook cover is to choose whether you wish to use the online Facebook cover maker or use the Facebook cover software. In the event that you choose the software version, you’ll need to download and install it prior to being able to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the design process. Once you’ve loaded up the cover software you will then need to pick out a character that you find most desirable.

With the character that you have picked out to use you will then need to design it in the way that you find most appealing. Don’t worry – you don’t actually need to design anything from scratch, the designing is exactly like picking out the clothes from your wardrobe in the morning when you decide what to wear, except for the fact that you’re doing it digitally and for your Facebook cover character.

The digital wardrobe acts much like a real life one in that you choose out the trousers, shoes, shirt and jumper for your characters. However, the wardrobe also has additional powers such as customizing the facial characteristics of your character such as the glasses and eye colour that your character possesses. 

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