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FREE premium app for Android: StatsPac

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STATS PAC offers more of the functionalities you need, a more Intuitive Design, and more help features than any other calculator- Period! Our Apps are used by Students, Tutors & Instructors, and we offer Live WEBEX support. If you are not satisfied with our APP for any reason just send us an email and we will gladly refund your money.


  • All Basic Descriptive Statistics, including IQR, Boxplots, Histograms, PieCharts, ScatterPlots, Normal Probability Plots (Q-Q Plots)
  • Calculations for 8 Discrete Probability density functions: binomial_pdf, binomial_cdf, Geometric_pdf, geometric_cdf, hypergeometric_pdf, hypergeometric_cdf, poisson_pdf, poisson_cdf
  • Calculations, and graphs for 7 Continuous Probability density functions: normal_cdf, studentT_cdf, chi.square_cdf, exponential_cdf, inverse-Z, inverse-T, F_cdf, Gamma, Beta, Weibull
  • Calculations, and graphs for 1 & 2-Sample Confidence Intervals: Z-interval, T-interval, Proportion-interval, 2Sample Z-interval, 2Sample T-interval, 2Sample Proportion-interval
  • Calculations, and graphs needed for 1 & 2-Sample Hypothesis Test: Z-test, T-test, Proportion-test, 2Sample Z-test, 2Sample T-test, 2Sample Proportion-test, Chi.square-test, F-test, ANOVA
  • Performs Regression Analysis, + Linear Regression T-Test
  • Dynamically Transformable Lists
  • Provides Definitions, Help and formulas (for ‘hand’ calculations)
  • The Stats Calculator offers factorial, permutations, combinations, fraction conversion, and multi-function graphing.

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Download FREE app StatsPac for your Android

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