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Increase Your Bottom Line by Managing Employee Productivity

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As workplace Internet use rises and worker productivity decreases, employers can utilize policies, Internet monitoring software and other tools to create a unified approach that increases productivity, the bottom line and employee workplace satisfaction. 

Employers both large and small are finding that employees are becoming increasingly less productive as they spend more non-work related time on the internet during business hours. In a business climate where profits and margins are already thin, the employers of these cyber slackers are losing millions of dollars a year. 

With recent surveys showing that employees are wasting about an hour per day on the Internet, the result is that employers are effectively paying another full time salary for every eight employees engaged in cyberslacking. For companies with a thousand Internet users, the losses are staggering with a potential loss of as much $35 million in productivity annually from just an hour of daily web surfing by employees. 

An International Data Corp (IDC) survey finds that 30 to 40 percent of Internet access is spent on non-work related browsing with as much as 60 percent of online purchases made during work hours. The advent of social media has made cyberslacking far worse as employees spend time on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Interestingly, many employees surveyed say that they engage in these activities primarily due to the lack of challenge in their jobs. Whether this is an honest answer by the majority of respondents is not wholly irrelevant as many employers equate a salary with employee fulfillment.

Obviously, those employers that actively attempt to involve their employees in projects and solicit ideas to improve the business can lessen the impact of this boredom and therefore the incidence of cyberslacking. The reality is that every business is very different and moving from this concept to a reality is far easier said than done. 

Ultimately, many employers are turning to Internet monitoring software as a way to increase awareness of where and how the problem is manifesting itself. This software allows the employer to block access to any number of specific sites.  However, many HR researchers are finding that a more tempered approach is actually the way to increase productivity and therefore the bottom line.

As an example, employers should first advise and consult with employees about the implementation of Internet monitoring software so that they are aware of the system’s suspected benefits. These not only include worker productivity, but also act as a deterrent to cyber-attacks via malware and viruses from suspect websites, which can protect data, the company and jobs. In addition, many recommend the creation of a workplace policy regarding computer use that includes opportunities for employees to safely surf the Internet on breaks. Quality Internet monitoring software can guard against the threats to make this policy safe as well as effective. The goal is increased productivity bottom line and employee satisfaction.

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