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Irresistible Reasons for Switching To Linux!

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There could be many customers, who were happy or unhappy, while switching from Windows to Linux. The fact is that you need to be a bit technically sound to work with Linux, of course, it is not for all. However, it is a versatile and a useful operating system. Read on, to find the benefits of switching to Linux.

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It is Free!

Money is an important factor these days. It feels great, when you get something for free, which is equally good. Linux is an open source operating system that is absolutely free and it saves lot of money, when you need to install this operating system in multiple computers.

Rapid upgrades:

If you compare your Linux operating system with operating systems like Windows, you will see the upgrades come up in every 6-9 months. Windows operating systems take years to get upgraded. In a case, you do not like any feature of the current version of the operating system, you can skip that feature, as you do not have to wait too long to get a better version of it.

Speedy and powerful shell:

Standard settings and configurations are needed to work with the friendly GUI interface of Linux. Also, Linux interface proves to be better and faster than the DOX box.

Multiple desktops:

Time is less and work is more, so multi-desktop feature is an achievement that makes Linux far better than Windows operating system. If you’re a Widows user, then you might have come across the difficulties in using multiple programs, simultaneously. However, Linux makes it easier for its users to work on multiple desktops. Let us suppose that you have your e-mail opened, a game running and you’re working on the Word document, you can move to any of the programs by a click of the mouse button.

Inclusion of drivers:

Many users claim that Windows support more hardware than Linux, but it is not the fact. Most of the Windows hardware needs drivers from the respective manufacturers, for the working of the hardware components. However, Linux Kernel supports almost all the hardware, which is why you do not need to install any extra driver to play a device. Rather, you have to plug the device and it will play automatically.

Can be used on any platform:

You do not really need to bother about the kind of hardware, while running Linux. This open sourced operating system can run on almost all the platforms, irrespective of the kind. You can name any device, such as mobile devices or super computers.

So, you know the most compelling reasons to switch from your current unsatisfied operating system to Linux operating system, to enjoy an efficient computing.

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