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Top 3 Android Games Launched This Week on Google Play

Posted In Android, Games, Technology Reviews - By Stephan Wilkin on Friday, April 19th, 2013 With No Comments »

Mostly people select Android devices as their own smart phone they select for a big reason of being supported by the huge product of Play store by Google with unlimited games. So they might get stuck after purchasing an android phone when selecting games for downloading. So here they are providing away a real interesting list of top 3 action games for playing on high range android device without any issue which almost certainly will take your mind away.

The app store has grown into a really crazy for good game platform that it is almost difficult to compile any type of particular top game list. Now this week release top 3 android games for youngster and all peoples. We still approach to upcoming releases and games we are playing, but this column is focused to new games you can install and start game playing right now.

Top 3 Android Game:

Dungeon Hunter 4

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Now, a lot waited Dungeon Hunter 4 has hit the play store after landing on iOS the last week. Dungeon Hunter 4 free game is best suited for fans of hack and slash, action RPGs, dark fantasy games, and multi player game. Embark an impressive adventure and get ready to fight your way through excessive solo and multi-player levels in this new free sequel of the famous dungeon crawler game. If you are one of them, get the game now.

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IBomber is an amazing and wonderful arcade styled bombing game based in the Pacific Ocean in 1943. You play a younger bomber pilot defending your fleet while searching key adversary targets on area and sea to destroy. As you improvement through the game you will be able to discover extra plane types, additional bomb types and other power-ups to help you eliminate difficult targets. iBomber is the newest game in the greatly effective iBomber series. This game includes 26 action packed mission, multiple bomb types, amazing audio and graphics.

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Mini Dash
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Mini Dash is frenetic, fun, fast platformer games that definitely like quality. Full of concepts and unexpected changes, it will have you connected when you tap its wonderful formed icon! Take control of our idol and dash into the trap-filled worlds of Mini Dash. It’s the classic left, right, jump controls but it a world converted, basically, on its head. and lots of innovative levels are served up each complicated you to find the exit, sounds to be simple until you factor in the deadly dashing hazards that trash the trash.

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