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Top 5 Reading Apps for iPad Mini

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One of the latest Apple’s releases is the whopping iPad Mini that is 7.9-inches, 53 percent lighter and 23 percent thinner than the conventional sized iPads. This fact is making the tablet smaller and lighter, accumulating to a mere 7.2mm and 0.68lb. In fact, what makes it such a subtle reading piece is its portability. Its one hand hold ability makes the reading experience a better one even when on the move, whether on the plane, the café, or the bus and so forth. Courtesy of the extensive eBook reader applications in the tablet, users can revive their reading experience with unlimited eBooks at any Wi-Fi supported locations.

The following are the top five reading apps for your iPad Mini

The iBooks app – this is one of the inbuilt reading applications for your iPad Mini and one of the completely free apps for the tablet. This app comes with the iBookstore where you can shop for more reading apps in addition to downloading or purchasing an extensive number of novels and the newest bestsellers for your leisure time reading. The app allows easy customization of the eBooks by the user and for instance, the brightness, size of the text, the font and setting the continued scrolling can be done easily. It comes with certain tools for reading such as note making, text underlining and a look-up dictionary that makes reading a better experience.

The Google Play Books app – This is a strongly recommended eBook-reading app for your iPad Mini and comes free of charge. It will allow a user to buy bestsellers from the Google Play through the tablet in a very easy manner. Additionally, it enables you to go through millions of titles on Google in a fluid experience while placing you at liberty of altering the font size and the reading mode as you wish.

The Goodreads app – This is a unique eBook-reading app. Why is it different? This app in the tablet allows you access to the famous eBooks as in other applications. In addition, it gives you an extensive amount of books that are self-published by individual writers. With the app, users are provided the hand to pick from over 12 million eBooks while also rating them.

The Kindle app – This eBook-reading app in the iPad Mini is one of the free apps released by Amazon specifically for the users of iOS devices and as such, it allows easy accessibility to newspapers, Kindle books, textbooks, PDFs and magazines. With it, users can access several millions of bestsellers and eBooks in terms of millions from the Kindle book Stores. Here, you are allowed to have a free preview of the books’ first chapters before you can place an order. With the app’s reading tools, you can personalize the books by changing the font sizes and other book settings to get a more leisurely reading experience.

The Kobo app – This iPad Mini eBook-reading app allows you accessibility to the Kobo bookstore where one can purchase up to 2.5 million books at very affordable prices. A unique characteristic of this is that it allows users to see what books are being read by their friends, and their views about them.

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