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4 ways to secure your Google account

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When Gmail account containing the email content is important, you will need some tricks and then to establish an anxious not worry about losing the account into the hackers or bad person.

Gmail is a free webmail services leading side Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail. Outstanding points help Gmail surpass rivals are set inside, allowing users more options for hobbies, including the security settings that are important in protecting the safety of the account .

In this article Techtiplib introduce to you some tips to protect your Gmail account more secure in order from outside to inside:

Way 1: Enable 2-step verification

Passwords are no longer protected class absolute safe anymore, so strengthening a second layer of protection consisting of random numbers is essential. Simply put, when trying to log in to your account, in addition to manipulating the password (Read more: 7 Services to Secure a Safer Password), you must also enter a random code sent to your mobile phone via SMS at the time of login.

If you are using the tablet or smartphone, you can install the application (app) to create random numbers without waiting for the SMS, or create 10 permanent identification number in case not bring mobile devices the people.

To enable 2-layer authentication follow these steps below:

1. Access your Google account then go to

2. Find and click Security on the left-hand side of the screen. Find the 2-step verification title and if the status indicates that it is OFF, click settings to set up 2-step verification.

enable 2-step verification on gmail

3. Following the directions by clicking Start Setup. It will ask if you want to use an app to receive the verification codes. And click on You can receive codes by text message or voice instead.

4. Type your phone number in, and select whether you want the verification codes by Text Message or Voice Call. Google will send a test code. Check your phone, and enter the code you’ve recived.

5. Now to access your Gmail you have password twe steps: 1- your password; 2-verification code that has sent to your mobile phone.

If you’d like to change your password, read more How to Change Gmail Account Password.

Way 2: Enable HTTPS protocol

HTTPS protocol is particularly useful when you are logged in Gmail inbox public places such as Internet cafes with Wi-Fi connection is not encrypted. HTTPS will “make it harder” bad guys find a way to unlock the account.

Enable HTTPS protocol

To enable always use HTTPS for Gmail, log into your mailbox, choose Settings > General> Browser Connection, tick the Always use HTTPS, then click Save the changes to save the changes.

Way 3: Enable Access Granted

This is not a step to prevent account hacking bad guys, here is a small trick to get to know his email inbox was read by unauthorized theft from someone or account has been hacked. Accordingly, you should know not only their own accounts that are “strangers” curious email content.

Still like this, you go to Settings> Accounts and Import> Grant access to your account , select Mark conversation as read khi opened by others (check the email as “read” when someone else open them).

Enable Access Granted
Also in the Account and Import , you should have noticed strange email have access to their email inbox and delete them or not. As usual the hacker creates down after hack email accounts, to be able to come back if the door initially blocked.

Way 4: Check the access permissions of the account application

Gmail Account aka Google account is now used in many places such as the Web or on multiple devices, especially if you own a smartphone or tablet using Android. These devices always require you to enter your Gmail account to sync data. In parallel, the application (app) on these devices also require you to license access to your Gmail account data (contacts…). Follow steps below to set the access permissions:

1. Access your Google account then go to

2. Enter your password again when Google asks.

3. And you will see a list of websites/services that have access to your account. If don’t want any sites access your account, click to Revoke Access button.

Authorized Access to your Google Account

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