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6 Photoshop Tips to Give a Makeover to Your Portraits

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You don’t need to worry if you hate the way you look in photos. Today, with the latest advancements in digital technology, photographers just capture the portrait photoshop helps them give the much-needed makeover to create a perfect portrait that you’ve always longed for. Even though Photoshop requires more than only fundamental modifications, you still need to do the fundamentals right, to be able to get the effect you want.

Set the White Balance

Before starting with the actual editing, you have to alter the white balance so as to get skin tones that look natural in the photo. This is very much crucial, particularly if you have captured the picture indoors with ambient lighting. Though, the right way for adjusting the white balance is when the picture is raw before importing it into photoshop. If this option is available, change your setting as there is much more details to work with, implying less damage to your picture.

Whiten the Teeth

If you have captured few pictures in which the teeth would not have come out very brightly, there’s an easy way to get rid of the yellow, while also retaining the natural shading and coloring. This can be done through applying saturation or hue by using the lasso tool and quick mask brush.


Alter Brightness and Contrast

This should be done to bring out the shadow and light that could get out the best from your image. Photoshop has a separate panel, which allows adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color.

Edit the Eyes

The main point of focus of most of the photos is the eyes. It is the nature of human beings to look at anyone into their eyes, no matter even if it’s just a photograph. Whitening the part around the eye and getting rid of red veins is crucial to making a crisp and clear picture.

Work on the Patch Tool

On photos, the patch tool is a great way to merge in parts where harsh shadows are spread throughout the skin tones, like a tree branch’s shadow falling across the forehead. Just choose the part around the line where the sunlit skin and shadow meet and drag it to a sample of skin completely lit by sun. You may have to go through this step many times to create a natural transition to the sun from the shadow. You can make it over by choosing areas of smaller problems to patch instead of the whole first selection again. When you choose it, ensure that you don’t get any other element as it can give an unnatural and blurry look to the patch.


Remove Unnecessary Background

Removing any unnecessary background can give your photo the needed look. There are several tools available in Photoshop for this purpose, like the channel mask, pen, magnetic lasso, and background eraser. These tools can help to get rid of the unfavorable background from your photo. You can then replace it with any other background or a color to complement the portrait.

On the Whole

With these tips, any photographer can give a makeover to a portrait, and give it fresh and stunning looks. All that is needed is Photoshop or any other photo editing software and the know how of what can be done, and how it can be done. So, don’t break a sweat looking at those dull photos, and give them fresh looks with the advanced editing tools.

Author Bio:

Carry Cooper is a fashion designer, who is keenly interested in photography and editing photos to give them a new look in photostudio, and create perfect portraits.

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