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A Closer Look at the Google Chromebook

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Google released their Google Chrome web browser in September 2008 where it has grown into one of the most popular web browsers used around the world. Building off the success of Google Chrome, the company has developed an entire computer operating system that was released on a series of Chromebooks. These Chromebooks are developed by such manufacturers as HP, Acer, and Samsung and are essentially netbooks that come equipped with the Google Chrome web browser and fully functioning media player. With a Chromebook users won’t have to wait minutes for the computer to boot and browser to start. It is possible to read email within a matter of seconds. Apps, games, pictures, music, and other multimedia are accessible everywhere and battery life can last up to a day without charging.

During its initial release, the Chrome Operating System was thought to be a future competitor to both Microsoft Windows and its programs. However, it has been stated that Google plans on further developing the Chrome OS entirely for the use of netbooks and tablets, which do not necessarily have the computing power to run certain programs that need a great deal of resources.

Google Chromebooks aren’t meant to entirely replace home computers and laptops, but are developed to be an extension of the computing experience. They are light, mobile, inexpensive and easy to use. Take a minute to think about how computers are used in your home. How much of that time is spent checking e-mail and browsing the web? Perhaps you are working on creating documents, spreadsheets, or presentations? Maybe you’re just checking what’s going on with your friends on various social networks? If your answer is a good chunk of the time, you may be interested in purchasing a Google Chromebook. The potential of these inexpensive and highly mobile laptops is potentially game changing. Majority of computer usage is headed in that direction. Additionally, there are many people around the world who cannot afford to purchase an expensive desktop or laptop computer. These Chromebooks are also available on a 3G and 4G network, so it is not 100% required to have a broadband internet connection.

The niche market for Google Chromebooks is expanding. More and more people are switching to mobile computing and the Chromebook Operating System is a quick and effective way to go about it. However, the downside to the Google Chromebooks for most users is the lack of software capability. Chromebooks do not run typical Windows or Mac applications. You’re totally unable to download and install programs onto the Chromebook. Gaming capabilities are extremely limited. It’s possible to play some games via the internet, but there are serious graphics limitations due to the low quality video cards. Those used to high quality Android, iPhone, or iPad games cannot expect to play online since such apps use a high amount of resources that the Chromebook isn’t equipped to deliver. 

Chromebooks are not designed for fast paced, high tech features. They are more for users who wish to quickly access the web and experience Google functionality. Depending on how you wish to use your computer, a Google Chromebook could be the convenient, inexpensive answer you’re looking for.

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