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Deciphering Computing Codes with the Updated iOS Version

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Going sleek and intuitive happens to be the latest trend. Every gadget used must include an effective interface which allows the users to surf through the device quite effectively. This can only be achieved with an effective operating system which completely defines the purpose and effectiveness of a particular device. Apple has taken these plethora of requirements ahead and has framed the all new iOS version which itself is a derived form of OS x being formulated by the same manufacturers. The providers have kept a closed licensing around the operating system to prevent other manufactures use the expertise associated. The gradual traversal from the computer based software to its mobile computing counterpart has given the world a whole new concept to research and utilize the minor modifications quite effectively.

Updated iOS Version

Holistic approach to new age mobile computing

Interface and Layers

The iOS is the newest software pattern comprising of four layers namely the cocoa, core, media and core service which greatly enhances the user based interface present. This works keeping gin mind the gestural controls including those of touch and pinch respectively. Alongside using the multi touch features related to gestures it provides a seamless interfacing to the users allowing swift interactions with the virtual world.


Apple launched the all new version of iOS which has actually outdone the effectiveness of the previous versions quite readily.  With the introduction of iOS 6.1.4 the older features have been done away with newer and better options being available to the users. These features are exclusive of the apple as the licensing is a closed one disallowing piracy.

Newer Features

The introduction of the newest version for apple’s touch based devices including iPad, iPhone 4s and other similar devices have seen the elimination of Google maps from the scenario. The modern modifications which surfaced up eventually are:

  • Built in Features- the maps are included in the latest version of iOS which have allowed the users to receive notifications with an enhanced option of 3D viewing. This uses the apple’s popular vector engine technology by eliminating all the lags associated with the Google maps. Advanced navigation alongside voice sensors happens to be some of their added attributes. Rotating the surface gradually along with minor tilts give an enhanced view pertaining to higher and clearer resolutions.
  • The Passbook App- a specialized for of application which pacifies all the intricacies related to availing passes and coupons related to travel and related requirements. The scanner needs to be activated and using this all the required information can be generated readily.
  • Safari- this is apple’s very own web browser which allows the customers to save selected links and web based pages which can be recovered any time in future even without any internet connectivity.
  • Photo Stream- this feature allows the user to share snaps on the move. The image gets uploaded on the respective iCloud which can be then readily accessed by the users having apple based devices. Non apple users are also given an option to locate these snaps over the internet.


We can thus infer that apple has made several modifications including the constant up gradation of its mobile based operating system allowing the users to get better services and features readily available.

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