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Exciting Features That Justify the Popularity of Android Phones

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There is hardly any doubt in the fact that the latest craze among the users of mobile phone is Android phone. People also know them by the name of smart phones. The smart phones make use of Android technology. These phones have some stunning set of applications. It has been very noticeable that since the time these phones have emerged in the market, they have quite rapidly become one of the most chosen mobile phone technologies. These phones use cutting edge and advanced technology. The downloading applications in these phones are just excellent. The operating system is based on Linux.  This technology was brought into the market by Andy Rubin who is a Google employee. As this technology has become popular, there has been an increase in the number of members.

Popularity of Android PhonesInteresting Features

The android phones enable the users to get applications downloaded. One can also download tools absolutely for free. The applications that this technology provides can be downloaded by you without having to make any extra payment. The applications, on usual occasions, are developed by a third party or software professionals. When the applications are developed, the needs of the clients are always taken into consideration. Those technologies are used where there is no need for any license or permission. One thing that is always ensured is that the costs of the applications are kept absolutely reasonable. This is done in order to ensure that the applications that are created for the android phones are really unique one. The prices also vary depending on the features in the phones.

The technology used in developing these phones is really advanced. The platform is created for various applications. IT also becomes possible to get various programs combined by making use of the android platform. The mobile phone developers often use android as a platform where different programs can be combined or promoted. The android phones are now a real craze especially among the individuals of the current generation. The phones are extremely user-friendly and that is one of the key reasons that make them so much popular. They allow the users to multi-task.

Reasons for the Popularity

The technology makes it a lot easier for the users to perform various tasks. The phones also have ample security measures in order to take care of the safety issue. There are also are several applications in these phones that are highly useful in reusing or replacing components. There is “SQLite” fitted with the browser. Its purpose is to store data. Several add-on features are there too such as Wi-Fi camera, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS Navigator etc.

The phones are technologically very advanced and the features that make them so much popular among the users are performance profiling, emulator, storage capacity and debugging tool. Properties like Amoled Display, sleek design and dual core applications really form the hallmark of the android phones. One can certainly conclude that android technology is among the best of all latest technologies with some stunning features that justify its popularity.

Description – Android technology has indeed provided a lot of convenience to the mobile phone users. The stunning features with which these phones are stuffed with make them so highly popular among the users.

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