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FREE 12 Powerpoint Templates for Education (2)

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You can download free PowerPoint templates for your slides or free PowerPoint backgrounds for your presentations. PowerPoint templates and themes for Education are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

#1. Orange School Homework

Orange School Homework powerpoint template

Orange School Homework PowerPoint Template is a free learning PowerPoint template for kids that you can download and use in the classroom or as a free PowerPoint template for educations and students. This slide design has a notebook style with orange background and it is perfect for kids to make scrapbooks or presentations on classroom topics and subjects.


#2. Green e-Learning

Green e-Learning PowerPoint Template

Free Green e-Learning PowerPoint Template is a learning PowerPoint PPT template with a clean and green background style that you can download to make awesome learning PPT presentations. The free green template can be used for academic projects and final thesis presentations with a nice ribbon and bookmark style in the top left corner. 


#3. Brown e-Learning

Brown e-Learning powerpoint template

Brown e-Learning PowerPoint Template is a nice brown abstract template that we can download and use for academic presentations. The free brown template with nice green ribbon vector image in the top corner and brown gradient effect in the background can be used for learning PowerPoint presentations as well as other PPT presentations for the learning process. 


#4. Violet e-Learning

Violet e-Learning powerpoint template

Violet e-Learning PowerPoint Template is a free academic and educational template for eLearning projects with a small bookmark design in the top left corner and violet background. Download violet PowerPoint template for learning presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 but also useful for other education PowerPoint templates and purposes. 


#5. Physics Lessons

Physics Lessons powerpoint template

Free Physics Lessons PowerPoint Template is a blue background template for scientists and students who need to make presentations on Physics Lessons. The free Physics Lessons PowerPoint Template has an atom illustration over a blue background and it is perfect for science projects, including fifth grade science projects, science fair project ideas PPT presentations, science projects for kids, preschool science projects, cience fair projects experiments,  elementary science projects, simple science projects and even other cool science projects.


#6. Pythagoras

Pythagoras powerpoint template

Free Pythagoras PowerPoint Template is a free gray template for Math lessons and useful for Pythagoras presentations. Download this free PowerPoint template with Pitagoras illustration for triangles and Pythagoras theorem.


#7. School Blackboard

School Blackboard powerpoint template

School Blackboard PowerPoint template design is a free online template slide design for presentations on elearning or education. Download this free PPT template for online lectures and online education websites. With eLearning courses and teachers can use this free green blackboard template slide design with a green background color and gray footer. 


#8. Education

Education powerpoint template

Education PowerPoint Template is a free notes PPT template design slide for education or elearning presentations. Download this education PowerPoint template and PowerPoint background for presentations to lectures or education PPT presentations. The free PPT template contains a notepad over a blue and gray background with curved lines and note description.


#9. Design Marker

Design Marker powerpoint template

Design Marker PowerPoint Template is a free PPT template for school and elementary school that you can use to educate your children and students. The free PPT template with a design marker is a free PPT template with blue marker color in the slide design over a white background. This slide template can be used for presentations on education as well as elearning or other school projects in the classroom.


#10. Color School Pencil

Color School Pencil powerpoint template

Color School Pencil PowerPoint Template is a free PPT template with colors and pencil design for education and e-learning. Download this free color PPT template design for school or to be used in a classroom presentation. This slide design contains free PPT template for Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use with your own presentation content.


#11. Math Numbers

Math Numbers powerpoint template

This is a free Math PowerPoint presentation template for Mathematics teachers and professors. Download Math Numbers PowerPoint Template for Maths e-learning courses online as well as other Math presentations or finance PowerPoint presentations requiring a calculator image with numbers. Maths slide design has a blue curved with an ink splash effect and numbers splashing from the calculator.


#12. School Completion

School Completion powerpoint template

School Completion PowerPoint Template is a free graduation PowerPoint template that you can use for final projects in the University as well as project completion or thesis or to be used by online school. 


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