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Get Encrypted Files Indexed In Your Windows 8 System!

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Files of Windows 8 can be encrypted with the Encrypting File System and that is, no doubt, a secured feature of Windows 8 system. However, the sad part is that the encrypted files do not get indexed by the Windows Explorer of the system.

Unfortunately, if you forget the location of the encrypted file and search for it, it will not appear in the search result. This could be serious, when you are in need of an important file and you do not get it. Let us the see the solution to fix this issue.

Take the mouse pointer to the bottom left corner of the screen and right click on it. Navigate to the option of System and choose it from the context menu.

Encrypted Files Indexed In Windows 8The ‘System’ window will open up, which will have the option of ‘Performance Information and Tools’ link at the bottom left of the screen that you need to click on. 

Encrypted Files Indexed In Windows 8Upon choosing of this option, you will be taken to the ‘performance’ section of the ‘Control Panel’. On the left pane of the window, you need to click on ‘Adjust indexing options’ link. 

Encrypted Files Indexed In Windows 8It will open up an ‘Index Settings’ option, where you need to click on ‘Advanced’ button. 

Encrypted Files Indexed In Windows 8The ‘Advanced’ dialog box will show you two options under the ‘File Settings’ section, out of which you need to check the ‘Index encrypted files’ box. 

Encrypted Files Indexed In Windows 8Then, Windows will open up a confirmation dialog box, and you can proceed with it after selecting ‘continue’. 

Encrypted Files Indexed In Windows 8Changes to the setting can be saved by clicking on ‘Ok’. 

Encrypted Files Indexed In Windows 8Encryption is the process of securing the users’ files, rather freaking them out. So, slight changes in the settings of your Windows 8 system will make your encrypted files visible in the search results.

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